Seven Must-Have Vacation Essentials

For months, it felt like the sun was on an extended vacation of its own, but now that the warmth is back, it’s our turn to flee. Not so fast, fellow readers. While donning a classic bikini and spritzing ourselves with bronzer may seem like all we need, there’s more style to go around – and toss into our suitcase. Keeping in mind the trends of the season, read on for seven vacay essentials you can’t afford to leave at home.

1. The New Flat

Whether we’re walking on a sand-ridden beach or reveling in a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, there are just too many shoes and not enough space in our suitcase! If only we could morph a few of our fav pairs into one. Well, what if we told you someone already had? Introducing the flatform: with its platform heel and sandal upper-half, this shoe is just as trendy as it is practical.
Try Urban Outfitter’s Cooperative Janis Flatform in Cognac, $59. 

S - UO Flatform 300x400

2. Black Sash

The skinny belt has certainly been making a statement this spring, but it˜s not the only tailoring accessory to cast into our travel bag. The black sash has been making a name for itself both on the runway and the red carpet. While this add-on is ideal in its belt-like form, it is a multipurpose accessory. Feel like spicing up your beach look? Opt to wear this chic item as a headpiece. 
Pick up one of these versatile pieces at American Apparel, $19.

S - AA Sash 300x400

3. Slip-On Sundress

Ultra-femme floral prints are popping up on our clothing more than they’re blooming outdoors. In light of this girly chic trend, purchase a breezy, pastel coloured dress that is easy to tuck into a suitcase. Not only is it an ideal bathing suit cover-up, but also fit and flirty for a night at the resort’s local disco. The best part? No accessories necessary, the bold pattern speaks for itself. We recommend checking out Forever 21 – with the abundance of floral hanging from every clothing rack and its affordable pricing, you can’t go wrong.
Check out Forever 21’s Budding Rose Sundress in Ivory/Pink, $19.80.  

S - F21 Floral Sundress 300x400

4. Boho hat

Oh, how lovely it would be if our hair would conform to its natural wave instead of the ultra-frizz do it takes on the second we land in the tropics (think Monica, a la Friends). Lucky for us, wide-brim hats are a leading trend for spring, not to mention petite and fit for a suitcase! To achieve this look, pin a faux flower onto its brim. Your hair accessory will be more fashionable than any style your tresses take on.
Try Anthropologie’s Black & White Cinema Sunhat, $58. 

S - Anthro Hat 300x400

5. Sharp Sunglasses

Not only will some be traveling out of the continent, but back in time. Yes, the high-fashion cat eye sunglasses from the 50s and 60s are a must-have accessory this season, not to mention when jetting off to a sunlit haven for the week. Have a little fun with these sunnies, and scope out a pair in a square or heart shape. Your personal style will glow brighter than the glare that hits their lenses.
Aldo’s Scottsboro Floral Cat Eye Sunglasses are a great steal for $12! 

S - Aldo Sunglasses 300x400

6. Tote Bag

First things first: in a frantic attempt to make room in your luggage, a purse will not suffice as a beach bag. But much like the ˜flatform’ shoe trend mentioned above, scope out a purse that can function at both high-class lounge, and a day’s worth of bathing in the sun. The best solution? A tote bag, like Michael Kors’ large tote in its sun and dark walnut hue. Not only is the bag spacious enough to fit in all your beach babe essentials, but isn’t peppered in polka dots and won’t be mistaken for your niece’s carry-on.
Check out Michael Kors’ Amagansett Large Tote in Sun/Dark Walnut, $198.

S - MKors Tore Bag 300x400

7. A Jumpsuit

Speaking of youngsters, the playsuit is making a comeback, as one-piece anythings are back in style for spring. The reason we’d wanna toss one in our suitcase? While we pray the forecast will be hot with clear skies, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Most of these rompers come in pant form, while still remaining light up top. With its two-in-one appeal, it’s also more practical to pack and is easy to throw a jacket over.
Try French Connection’s Sera Shell All in One Playsuit, $98. 

S - FCUK Jumpsuit 300x400

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