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Whether you are decorating your home office or space at work the key to a functional space is organization.

Everything from paper to paper clips should have a specific home. Once you have undertaken the organizational aspect, and only then can you start on the fun colour schemes and accessories.

One way to make this daunting task a lil bit easier is take inventory of all supplies that you currently have or may need in your work space. When you have accounted for your clutter divide your items into two categories: everyday use and sporadic use. Anything that falls into the everyday use category has priority and should be easily accessible. But but but! All of these items still need a specific holder and location within your office.


One of the best sources for office organization is hitting up your nearest IKEA. We have gradusted from the basic pencil holder to much more than that. In this day and age there is no excuse for having paper filing trays, file folders, compartment boxes and tape dispensers that do not coordinate. Larger storage items such as filing cabinets and bookcases also need to be organized accordingly. Magazine holders and decorative boxes, with neatly written labels increase efficiency and simply reduce the clutter.

Once you are sure that all random piles of stuff have been accounted for you are ready to start thinking about colour schemes. I’m sure that when you were researching storage options you noticed the wide array of decorative office accessories. Everything from brown faux leather, shiny chrome and even sea grass baskets will help create a fantastic looking and functional workplace. For the finishes and colours try to choose a scheme that will motivate and invite you to be productive.

You may love bold red accents, but a full wall or two can be quite intense and overwhelming. Choose a neutral for the backdrop and reserve funky colours for the storage components. Try calm blues or greens with chrome accents for a more relaxed atmosphere. Or even mix and match for an eclectic look. Inspiration can even come from your company colours or logo. Take a look around and be inspired!

Another factor that is often overlooked when planning a workspace is the seemingly boring subject called ergonomics. Ergonomics in simple terms is the study of designing the workplace to fit the worker.

Aspects such as lighting, seating and even the placement of your computer components play a very important part in your productivity.

Some guidelines to keep in mind to enhance your comfort, and maybe even your overall enjoyment of working are:

– Invest in an adjustable chair that you can customize to your body – Working surface should be 29 “ 30 high

– To avoid excessive strain, your eyes should be approximately 20-24 inches from your computer screen

– Ensure you have sufficient task lighting over your desk in addition to general lighting – If you use a laptop a separate mouse and keyboard will reduce strain on your wrists and hands

– Sit up straight and don’t slouch or slump!

Most importantly create an office that you can enjoy spending time in and keep on being the successful business women that you are.

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