Easy Cupcake Decorating

Frosting, and Sprinkles and candy oh my! There is nothing more terrifying then being faced with 48 iced canvases and having no idea what to do with them. Decorating cupcakes is like creating a piece of art. Preparation and planning are a must! It is imperative that a theme and colour scheme are established prior to entering that supermarket. I recommend pulling out the long forgotten crayons and sketching out a rough draft of what you envision your dessert to look like. These steps will help prevent total shock and a complete breakdown when realizing how many sprinkle options are really out there. One basic dessert dressing technique is to stick with a plain background and accent with a sprinkle silhouette or candy. Shaking this decoration is pretty straight forward meaning you can`t really go wrong. For those who want to be a bit more creative and are drawing a blank, I suggest surfing the internet. Google images is a great spot to find inspiring smiley faces and characters for every special occasion. Just type in your occasion and prepare to be dazzled. Just try not to be overambitious or your design could end up looking like it was made by your favourite first grader. Stick to simple shapes like balloons, flowers or even letters to spell out a celebration appropriate greeting. Premade decorations are also a great option for those who tend to leave things to the last minute. Just peel off the sugar shapes and apply to frosting. This way when you say that the treats are handmade you are technically still telling the truth. If you still can`t think of a worthy cupcake idea resign to purchasing your dessert from a professional. No mess, no fuss and a tastefully, presentable treat can be picked up on your way to the party. By removing the price tags and arranging the cupcakes on your own tray you still may be able to fool the young (or inebriated) party goer.

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