One Celeb, 4 Looks: Janelle Monae

When Janelle Monae first came on the scene we couldn’t help but be captivated by her natural beauty, soulful R&B beats and most importantly, her unconventional sense of style. She stunned the music and fashion world when she opted for a signature outfit that was considered gender specific: a black and white tuxedo, pair of shiny Oxfords and a bow tie. But now fashion lovers and celebrities are copying her androgyny chic look and now you can too. Check out how you can get Janelle’s personalized and classic style.

Tuxedo Chic
There is no doubt “ she loves her tuxedo. It is what makes her style unique and she has even said if she could sleep in it she would. Janelle embraces this no longer masculine only suit and personalizes it only with her bright eyes, nude lips and a perfectly positioned bowtie. This look requires confidence, minimal makeup and a well fitting blazer and pants. To get a similar look, invest in a tailored blazer that isn’t too snug at the bottom but still contours nicely around your waist.

Janelle Monae wearing a tuxedo

Soft and Sweet
When it comes to having a little fun with her outfits, Janelle has no problem playing it soft and sweet, as she demonstrates her gracefulness in a tutu at The Atlanta Ballet. Although she still wears her signature tuxedo jacket, she keeps her outfit balanced out by sticking to a pure simple shade“ white. To get Monae’s soft accented look, focus on details and texture on the clothing like ribbed tights or ruched seamlines.

Janelle Monae Soft and Sweet Look

Classic Nostalgic
Structured pants and fitted shirts are a part of Monae’s classic black and white ensemble, as seen here at the opening for LA Boutique, Chloe. Her look is reminiscent of the classic Old Hollywood look: neutral color shades and minimal make-up. The best way to get this classic nostalgic look is to balance out the shades from the bottom all the way to the top, as she does with her black wing-tipped Oxfords and black and white patterned lapel.

Janelle Monae nostalgic look

Urban Maven
Much like her eclectic personality, this urban songstress doesn’t shy away from adding bright colors to her wardrobe every once in awhile.  Again, it’s all about the accessories for Monae who can be seen wearing an earth-toned big beaded necklace that compliments her multi-colored sweater. To get her subdue, yet bold style consider pairing a neutral tone accessory, as she does with her brown suspenders, against light or pale shades.

Janelle Monae urban look

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