6 Amazingly Easy Ways to Wear More Cashmere

Your wardrobe needs an update this fall season and it comes in the way of the ultra-luxe fabric known as cashmere. If you’ve yet to venture into the wonderful world of high-end knitwear, there’s no better time than the present. Cashmere is made from goat wool and it is typically much softer than sheep wool and actually much warmer. You’ll typically find cashmere blends in outerwear and sweaters, but nothing is quite like 100 per cent cashmere (plus the price tag that comes with it). Arguably one of the most expensive wools, every woman should aspire to own a cashmere sweater at the very least. Yes, it will last forever, as long as you treat it right.

Cashmere is the best way to stay warm and cozy without extra weight, and we highly recommend investing in classic pieces with timeless designs. Sure, most women begin their foray into cashmere with the classic v-neck sweaterbut there are many, many more ways to add this deliciously soft wool into your life.

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The classic v-neck sweater


This can run anywhere in between uber expensive Brunello Cucinelli (the King of Cashmere), and the fast-fashion version from Zara. But might we suggest California-based brand Everlane for their classic cuts and affordability? You’ll know exactly which factory your sweater was made in, the base cost and the mark-up”this is why they are able to charge $110 for a v-neck (a steal if you know cashmere).

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