How To Look Empowered in the Office

It’s one thing to look good in the office, but it’s a whole other thing to look empowered. With the increasing rate of women attaining executive roles, a woman has to pay even more attention to her workplace wardrobe—bittersweet success. Without sounding like an ‘80s image consulting book, an appearance of authority and professionalism must be projected; no one wants to take orders from someone who doesn’t dress the part. We’ve outlined five style tips that promote your outfit to an authoritative status without looking bossy.

Bold Lips

Bold lips are the perfect workwear accessory for a range of reasons. Firstly, because you’re (hopefully) not drinking and eating all day at work, your lips are at a low risk of smudging—it’s their chance to shine. Secondly, lipstick signifies womanliness, an emblem of strength. And lastly, if you’re in the office five days a week, you have the opportunity to try plenty of colours.  

The Pointy Toe

The pointy toe continues to be the most assertive toe shape. While it is exceptionally chic, its sharp, angular silhouette crafts a serious ambiance, and consequently, a more professional attitude—the kick-start to Monday mornings.

Little Shoulder Pads

You’ve read correctly, we’re actually going to mention shoulder pads. The thing is, this time around we’re reducing the size and keeping them strictly isolated to blazers—no blouses, please. With a little shoulder emphasis, a slightly stronger, boxier (and on-trend) silhouette is produced. This more severe structure gives the wearer a firmer presence and posture, offering an increased sense of workplace enthusiasm.

The Power Tote

You can’t be a figure of authority in the office without a statement bag. But to find the right one is challenging to say the least; some women spends their lives looking for the ideal office handbag. This season, we recommend a power tote. By power tote we mean a minimalist tote with a sturdy structure. Just grab and go, all the way to the top.  

The Trench

A typical wardrobe staple of businessmen, the trench coat is wrapped in power. It’s slick and sophisticated, much like how people will start to perceive you once you start donning it. If you’re looking to get extra empowerment points, experiment with different textures and colours. Don’t be alarmed if people mistake you for the boss.  

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