Must-Know Garment Care Tips

Washing your delicate whites, sexy lingerie and bright colours can be difficult to do all in one go, here are some tips on how to keep your clothes looking fresh and new for longer. 

Luxe Lingerie

When it comes to your intimates the delicacy of these items must be kept in mind. From lace to satin and embellished items these items are usually the most delicate that you own. Always be sure to read the label on your lingerie and to keep it safe hand wash the items in a bucket of cold water and detergent. For more durable items, purchase a lingerie garment bag to place your items in when in the washer so they do not get caught on anything. 

Delicate Whites

Ever notice how bleach gives that yellowing look to whites after a while? Well that is because you don’t always need bleach simply because the items are white. Be sure to read the label on your clothing and if it is safe to use bleach then go right ahead. For extra delicate items hand wash them and use baking soda after the detergent as a deodorizer and freshener.

Beautiful Brights

When you purchase a bright red shirt you want it to keep its colour from fading as long as possible. The key to keeping your brights bright is to avoid  long wash cycles, use cold water and sort laundry with like colours. For example  wash your lighter pastels all together, but leave your extra brights for a separate load so colours don’t bleed. Also be sure to leave your darks (denim, black and browns) for a separate load as well. You wouldn’t want the colour to run onto your bolder shades.

Comfy Knitwear

When it comes to woolen and angora sweaters extra care is needed. Definitely wash these items by hand in water with soap dissolved in it. Be sure to not rub the items too vigorously as this can cause your  sweaters to felt and turn fuzzy. Instead squeeze out the water gently with your hands and dry the items flat so they do not lose shape. For traditional wool, special solutions for cleaning are available that include lavender or eucalyptus extract to repel mothballs when stored. Something to consider for those who don’t mind the fragrance.

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