Less is More

I have a love affair, and this love affair is with fashion.

I think that this stems from my childhood habit of playing dress-up: teetering around in my mother’s high heels, draped in her baubles, her then-trendy 1990’s clip-on earrings fastened to my tiny ears. I imagined myself as a supermodel. I always wanted to be that kind of woman: glamourous, stylish and chic.

But then, I grew up. And I discovered the realities of being an adult: bills, work, to-do lists, groceries, dinner, and a multitude of responsibilities in between. Add that to the various social obligations that a young woman about town must fulfill, and you have one exhausted lady on your hands. Supermodel? Yeah, right, who has the time? Who has the energy? Isn’t it freezing outside?

I will admit “ most days, nothing looks more appealing to me than a jacket, sweatshirt, jeans and my ever-faithful Uggs. When you’re busy or exhausted, your first impulse is to ignore fashion and opt for the cushiest duds in your closet. However, there is always that nagging feeling at the back of my mind, the feeling that I can’t disappoint that little girl who once dreamed of glamour.

Whether you’re going grocery-shopping or out for a quick drink with your girlfriends, you want to put your best fashion foot forward. Enter comfortable chic, a look popularized by the young, hip, urban woman. Busy and popular, this modern madame has to be everywhere and do everything, all the while trying to look effortlessly fabulous. The perfect marriage of casualness, trendiness and flair is what epitomizes comfortable chic.


From my experience, I’ve found that when it comes to feeling comfortable yet looking stylish, the KISS rule applies: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Comfortable chic is all about throwing together a simple, casual outfit and adding the right elements and accessories to spice things up.

These are some of the staples for this look that I cannot live without:

Funky flats or skimmers: The modern woman’s best friend. The right flats are comfortable yet add flair. Try a pair with a fun detail like a metallic finish or with grommets.



Super long scarf: A must-have for those chilly spring and fall days. Try a printed pashmina for a more polished look.

Oversized cotton t-shirt: Nothing’s more comfy than a loose-fitting tee. I love the deep V-necked ones from American Apparel “ not only are they super soft, they look good with absolutely anything and on anyone. It also doesn’t hurt that they sell them in every colour under the sun.


American_Apparel_Unisex Mé©lange Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck


Black leggings: These are staples in every girl’s wardrobe. To punch up your look, try a pair in a non-cotton fabric, like these rib nylon spandex ones from American Apparel.

Sympatico Image



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