How to Shop Smart During the Holidays

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful, time-consuming and sap your budget. Here are some ways to avoid falling into a holiday shopping slump.


Make a list

Just like Santa, well before Christmas comes, make a list with all the people you need to get gifts for. Categorize people into close friends and family, work and acquaintances. Make note of any gift ideas you already have in mind and see if there is any overlap in gifts so that when you go shopping, you won’t forget to pick up multiples of a body care bundle. It’s also a good idea to set aside a column for your budget to keep you on track from the get go.


Look for sales

Many department stores have mid-season sales at the beginning of December before the madness of holiday shopping reaches its peak. Look at flyers and subscribe to store newsletters so you know when something is on sale. If you’re shopping for something basic like clothing or appliances, you can often wait for a sale, but if it’s this season’s hottest toy, you might want to act earlier.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday

America’s biggest shopping holiday is hitting north of the border, so us Canadians can finally enjoy some of the pre-holiday sales. While the discounts might not be as deep, online retailers participating in Cyber Monday often have extra discounts sitewide, but keep in mind that shipping and duty costs can drive up the price.


Online shopping

Looking online for all your holiday shopping needs is a great way to avoid the crowds and keep your cool. Make sure to sign up for newsletters to be in the know of any special holiday discounts. One thing to keep in mind is shipping time, so you can’t leave online shipping to the last minute!


Stock up

Stocking up on versatile gifts is a great way to be prepared for a last-minute guest or Secret Santa. Gifts like journals, coffee mugs, body lotions and scarves are great items to have on hand! You can also buy these items on sale earlier in the year and keep a reserve.


Gift cards

A last-minute gift go to are gift cards. Step it up this year and give them a credit to a cool local store that reflects their personality. It’s a great way to support the local economy and is a step above from your typical big box store card. This will make the gift feel more personalized and special instead of a cop out.


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