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Despite what some TV shows and films may depict, slinky tank tops and sequined minis are not work-appropriate attire. Follow these office etiquette fashion rules order to be taken seriously at an interview or at work.

To start, know your industry — look around at what other professionals are wearing to gauge what is appropriate. Secondly, stock up on the basics. Every woman should have these staples in her wardrobe: a well-cut black blazer, a wide leg black trouser pant, a pair of black pumps, a crisp white shirt and some type of statement necklace.


Low cut blouses may be alright on Melrose Place, but in the real world shirts need to be buttoned up. Skip the plunging necklines and look for tops with a higher neckline, like a crewneck, especially if you are chesty — you want to be noticed for your good ideas, not your cleavage. 


Showing a little leg is good but beware of just how far you go! You need to be able to sit comfortably without adjusting your skirt every couple of minutes. As for tights and hose, those are optional. There are so many options available if you choose to wear pants. A wide leg is typically a good pair to wear. No one wants to be showing up to the boss in spandex or hip huggers. Sorry jean lovers, but in many industries that is a no-go even on casual Fridays.


Shoes can be a tricky matter. While some employers are cool with gals wearing heels in the office, others workplaces are flats-only. This makes it essential to check the policy guidelines. You might also want to consider how your work-day is going to be. Do you really want to traipse around four-inch heels all day? And stick to conservative colours like black, brown and navy –don’t want to be remembered as the girl who wore hot pink stilettos.

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