Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by Pop Culture

Halloween after 21 basically involves rolling up to a party after deciding you were going to stay in and watch Netflix (wine is usually a factor). So with no costume prepared, what’s one to do? The last thing you want is to have a Ross moment at a Halloween party (think lengthy explanation for a costume no one gets). So we saved you the trouble by compiling a list of last minute costumes inspired by pop culture that will require zero explanation and hundred percent drunken fun. Because isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Kim Kardashian‘s Paper Magazine Cover

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If you’re a closeted nudist, this may be your opportunity to go full frontal Kim K, but if you want to go another way, throw on a black dress, gloves, and a pearl choker, and always have a bottle of champagne handy. Option 1 may get you arrested, but you know, YOLO.

Justin and Britney #NeverForget

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If you are a human being with a memory and/the internet, you probably know this moment better than you know your own name. All you need to relive this glorious moment is a denim dress (or alternatively, a denim skirt paired with a denim top), and a male friend/significant other. Drench him in denim too, and you’re are pop royalty reborn.

Beyonce in 7/11

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The infamous Kale sweatshirt is practically an investment. Not only does it get you one step closer to Queen B status, it also screams ˜health junkie’. To channel your inner Yonce, pair the sweatshirt with knee pads and underwear. Alternatively, you could also pair the kale sweatshirt with yoga pants and a green juice, and say you’re Everygirl.


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It’s been a big year for these little guys, and if the pervasiveness of Minion branded everything is any sign, they’ve succeeded in world domination. We suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that they rock overalls better than Olivia Palermo. Lucky for us, they’re also pretty easy to imitate – simply pair your denim overalls with a yellow crop top, black booties and goggles stolen from an engineering lab at a University of your choice.

Regina George

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Regina George was leading the Plastics before Kylie Jenner could even pronounce the word. She was the original bad bitch, and there wasn’t a female soul that didn’t idolize her for her feistiness and ability to manipulate. Well, now’s your chance. Put on a purple bra, cut holes in your tank top, and pair it with a black skirt and pumps. Voila, instant Plastic.

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