Ice Cream-Inspired Colours to Covet

Inspiration can be found in some of the most unusual places. While gorging on ice cream all summer, I became fascinated with each flavour’s colour. Every hue evoking a different visceral response—ah, the psychology of colour. When I would go to my local ice cream stop, I would gaze in awe at the creamy spectrum, getting giddy at which colour would encompass my mood most perfectly. When I found the right one, I would carry it with excitement, wearing it like a new accessory. Then it hit me like a sugar rush; why not implement the sweet colours into my sartorial staples? See how we wear the summer’s sweetest tones.

Orange sorbet (lipstick)

Other than in a cone, the sweet, vibrant shade is visually appreciated on the lips—eyes and cheeks are acceptable, too. With such a striking colour, it’s important to note that a little goes a long way. Try a matte lipstick; it creates a minimal orange glow that almost mimics the look of post-ice cream pleasure.

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Pink Bubblegum (dress)

What could be sweeter than the taste of pink bubblegum ice cream? A bouncy, A-line dress. It’s upbeat, bright and innocent, just like the rosey dessert. With pink making such a big impact on the industry the last couple seasons, it shouldn’t be hard to find one, especially on the sale rack. To create a complete saccharine look, opt for dresses with a boat neckline and a midi hemline. A look that's good enough to eat.

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Blackberry (nail polish)

We’re juxtaposing our white weather outfits with darker polishes. Specifically, we’ve been swooning over the deep colour of blackberry. For a softer look, apply a matte finish top coat. It’s all the beauty, without the mess.

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Hazelnut (head-to-toe)

Hazelnut is one of those flavours that everyone can enjoy and look good in. We’re going head to toe with this one. Layer on layer of hazelnut creates this casual, inviting ensemble that can be worn from boardroom to brunch. Keep the hues towards the lighter end of the spectrum, but no need to have them identical—matching has its moments, but this isn’t one of them.

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Chocolate (accessories)

Chocolate takes the cake for accessories this season. Start with injecting it into bangles, and then move on to big-ticket items like booties and bags. If solid chocolate is too dramatic for your taste try wood detailing. These elements of earth will organically develop your outfit into chic territory.

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