How to Wear Prints this Spring

Prints can do a lot for your wardrobe-they can spice up a simple, classic outfit, and give it a chic flavor. And because prints have a multitude of colours you can pair them with a variety of coloured clothing items-both solid and printed alike. Prints may seem scary to those of us who are slightly clueless about how to pair them, but they are a great way to make a bit of a splash-especially as the weather warms up and we need a little spring in our step. So get fashion fresh and step into a printed jacket, skirt, shoe or pant. All the fashion in this article can be found at Sears!

Here are some ways you can wear them:

Jazz up your outfit with a jacket

Jessica jacket ($80) from Sears

A printed jacket can help you give punch to a simple outfit. The colour palette can give you more options for your outfit as well, because there is bound to be a colour in your print that matches something that’s in your closet. The printed jacket is sassy in any season and time of day; it gives verve to a winter outfit, and still looks fabulous in spring and summer. It can be used to give a jolt to your eveningwear or give your work outfit a stylish edge.

Pair it with: denim shorts, coloured skinny jeans (that match a color in the print), or a neutral coloured (black, white or beige) dress

Printed pumps

Attitude by Jay Manuel – The Lady Stilettos ($60) at Sears

A printed shoe can give you a fashionable lift. It’ll kick your cute or classic outfit up a notch, while keeping you current. The printed shoe can make a strong statement, so make sure you keep the rest of your outfit classic and stick to solid patterns, to avoid having an outfit that is overly busy, and takes the attention away from your fabulous feet.
Pair it with: a T-shirt and jeans or a cardigan and a black dress

A flirty floral skirt

Attitude Jay Manuel Mirror-Print Skirt ($40) at Sears

A floral skirt is a classic, sexy, yet pretty and feminine piece that is guaranteed to make heads turn. It’s a  piece every girl should have in their wardrobe. As with the printed shoe, keep the rest of your outfit simple, and instead dress it up with classic accessory.Flowers are also a perfect spring symbol, and will breathe life into any plain-jane ensemble.

Pair it with: a basic solid coloured shirt (choose a colour that matches one of the print colours) or a t-shirt

Pants That’ll Make You Stand¦Out

Jessica Weekend Wallpaper-Print Pants ($50) at Sears

Can be a little busy, but you’ll be noticed if you can make it work for you. Wearing printed pants can be a risk, but if you style them just right and pair them with the proper pieces, you could be noticed, and appear fashion forward. You can pair the pants with solid matching colours or neutral colours as with the other printed pieces, but you can also make a bold move and add other prints to your outfit as well.

Pair it with: If you are feeling bold, try a printed shirt(the same print or a different one) or a graphic t-shirt. To play it a little more safe, try a neutral top and shoes.

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