How to Update Your Jeggings for Fall

Just about everyone has heard of jeggings by now! The soft, stretchy material is the perfect compromise between a pair of less-than-comfortable skinny jeans and casual leggings which often seem too ordinary.

However, with the colder weather approaching, being warm while remaining stylish is key. You can still wear your jeggings of course, but it’s important to keep the look current and seasonally appropriate at the same time.

Variety in washes: While in months past, only classic dark blue jeggings could be sourced easily, different washes and styles have eventually gained popularity. Basic black and grey are perfect for accessorizing with a brightly coloured top or aiming for a more streamlined, elegant look. 1980s-esque acid wash or tie-dye can often look trashy or inappropriate if not worn correctly or in the right setting (if you decide to go for this look, save them for the weekend and do not wear them to work, ladies!) Super-light pairs may be more difficult to dress up, or result in highlighting the body in an unflattering way, but these can also look casually stylish if combined with a longer shirt and flats.

Emerging trends: Cargo jeggings (which basically fit like very skinny cargo pants) are the newest members of the family. It’s definitely taking a fashion risk, and while it may be too early to determine how popular these revolutionary bottoms may be, they are keeping with both the military trend and the continued dominance of jeggings. Cargo jeggings are well-suited to a long, plain white or black tunic. Cute ankle zips, metallic details, or ruching are also making the gradual transition from skinny jeans to jeggings.

Combined with boots: Unlike many pairs of jeans, jeggings and boots happen to be the perfect combination because the fabric is both slim-fitting and lightweight. Jeggings can easily be worn with any type of boot due to the nature of the skintight material.


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