Tights with Shorts – Fab or Drab?

This combination of clothing items is probably one of the most controversial looks of the past couple years. Some women love the style, while others won’t be layering their summer cutoffs with hosiery. The truth is, tights are actually a great way to keep wearing your favourite shorts well into the fall and even winter months. If you’re self-conscious about your legs and wish to stay modest, tights provide a brilliant alternative to going bare-legged while offering comfort. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts of wearing this often debatable combo:

DO wear opaque tights as opposed to leggings for a more streamlined look, which tend to be made of thicker material. Tights are slimming, versatile, and perfect for layering. On the other hand, wearing leggings underneath shorts sometimes leads to a lumpy and therefore heavier look.

DON’T experiment with ripped denim, wild colours, or questionable fabrics if this is your first time wearing tights paired with shorts! Go for dark-coloured tights and dark-washed jean or grey wool shorts (with patterns such as herringbone, checked, or pinstripes).Check H&M for affordable selection and variety.

DO wear the right shoes! Shorts and tights might look a bit awkward with sneakers, but they’ll be perfectly fine with flats, classic pumps, or this season’s oxfords.

DON’T It’s best to be certain that your shorts have a good fitting and style so your outfit stays elegant. Considering the length of the shorts is very important as well, to avoid looking wider than you actually are or disproportionate. Shorts which are far too short may look unflattering, but ones which are too long (any longer than mid-thigh) will not go well with stockings.

DO work with your body type. If you happen to be a curvier woman, you can rock this trend as well and look fantastic doing it, but be careful how you combine the shorts with the rest of your outfit. High heels help to make legs look longer and leaner, which is always an added benefit. A great-fitting blazer on top provides additional coverage, and high-waisted black satin shorts leave you with a sleek silhouette.

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  1. Avatar
    • Tay
    • May 6, 2015

    Anyone reading this article, you sure as hell do not need to be curvaceous to pull this look off. Anyone can look fabulous, let’s not narrow it down to a specific group.

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