How to Win at Winter in the Office

Regardless of your seasonal preference, the winter always comes with new office rituals that take a while to get accustomed to. Lucky for us Canadians, we’re pretty used to it and it’s become a natural transition. However, the first snowfall can always throw us for a loop, leaving us scrambling to find our winter boots and heavy winter jacket while sending that last email from your phone while bounding out the door.

And if you’re not like me (who watches the weather network like a child the day before Christmas, just waiting for the first snowfall), you may not be office-ready to help set you up for winning the winter season. If you tend to fall into the latter category, these tips will help set you up for success”and be the point of envy as your coworkers side-eye you with your dry feet during the workday and warm, dry boots to assist you on your commute home.

Get an office winter jacket

Maybe you’re still rocking your TNA parka from your university days, or you’ve upgraded to a sharp but impractical wool coat; but either way, a proper office winter jacket will be a lifesaver for the cold, snowy months. There are plenty of more adult-appropriate parkas on the market, as well as (actually) warm wool coats; whatever you decide, ensure it’s practical! You don’t want to be that person complaining about the cold while walking to get coffee or to a client meeting.  

Layer up

The office thermostat is controversial enough in the summer (ahem, turn down the air conditioning), but the winter months can be equally competitive. Whether or not your office leans closer to the cool or hot spectrum, it’s important to have a few layer options to ensure you’re acclimatized to whatever the day has thrown your way. Blanket scarves, chunky knit sweaters and warm footwear are always good options to have on hand. And don’t forget to wear something under that chunky sweater”if you start roasting, you’ll need a backup plan so you’re not sweating through meetings.

Bring two extra pairs of shoes to leave under your desk

Even if you have the cutest winter boots, you’ll want to change out of ˜em when you get to work. With our unpredictable weather, you could enter the station at one entrance and the weather be fine, and exit at the next station and enter snowmageddon. You just never know. Having two pairs of shoes will allow you to change out of the first pair if they get soaked on a coffee run, and is really just a good idea when battling Canada’s lovely unknowns.

Be set up at home if needed

It doesn’t happen often (especially if you live and work downtown), but there’s the odd day where there’s just too much snow to make the trek to the office. For days such as these, it’s important to know you can do your job from home if needed. Get remote access to your server, ensure your work email is setup on your home computer or bring your work laptop home if the weather network has a storm on the radar.

Download all the food apps 

Whether it’s Foodora, UberEats, Ritual or a new one that will be released once winter hits: download them all now! If the weather outside is frightful, you want to ensure you can fuel yourself through ’till 5, and if someone else is delivering, there’s no excuse to skip lunch.

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