Training for Your Big Event: 6 Strengthening Moves to Try

Panamania is still going strong in Toronto with the Parapan Games just days away. Seeing the athletes push their bodies to the limit to achieve amazing results has been truly inspiring to watch. If you are training for an event of your own, whether it is your first 5km or an international competition, you’ll want to be fully prepared for your big moment.

Pan Am/Parapan Am Games sponsor, Technogym, has hooked up the athletes’ training facilities with top notch equipment to help them perform their very best. Technogym and the Pan Am/Parapan Am Athlete’s Village kinesiologists have provided us with a few hard-hitting moves using Technogym equipment that will help you prepare for your event.

6 Strengthening Exercises to Prepare You for Your Big Event:

Upper Body Warm Up: The Technogym Top Excite trains shoulders and arms and helps prevent injuries in the upper body. The Warm Up function on the machine is a preparatory program for competitive events developed by the Technogym Medical and Scientific Research team. The program lasts four minutes and is divided into two phases: in the first the levers rotate forward for three minutes, and in the second they rotate the opposite direction with increasing resistance. This machine allows full range of motion in the rotator cuff, helping to strengthen the muscles around the shoulders which can help prevent injury.

Cardio Warm Up: Athletes of all sizes are able to condition using the Vario with its ability to adapt to your natural stride, and reduce joint impact so they are ready to go on competition day!

Kettlebell Squats: A functional exercise that anyone can do regardless of their fitness level to work on hip extension, pelvic stability and glute strengthening.

Tricep Pull: Pan Am athletes used the Technogym Kinesis to strengthen everything from the upper body, lower body and core. This machine allows a quick transition between exercises for circuits while also challenging stability. Here the kinesiologist shows how you can perform a simple tricep pull.

Lunge Jumps: Again, using the Kinesis you can hold on to the two resistance bands making your lunge jump more challenging, delivering better results.

Chest press: This isolateral chest press is a great exercise for Athletes to work on any imbalances created by their sport while strengthening their upper body.

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