How To Make Your Own ‘Turband’

We’ve seen turbans, headbands and scarfs all over the runways this season. You may be wondering if you can possibly pull off this look in your every day life, and the answer is yes! In fact, creating your own headpiece is a very easy DIY project (and a great way to mask a bad hair day). Try making your own eastern inspired turband today.

Step 1. To start you will need a long thin scarf several feet in length. If it’s a square scarf, simply fold it into a longer rectangular shape that will fit around your head several times. You can also go and purchase a piece of fabric if you don’t have a scarf or want to find a specific type of fabric. A subtle pattern or solid coloured, texture fabric or scarf will work best.

Step 2. Hold the scarf evenly in both hands and pull it around your forehead to the back of your head, like you would do if you were trying to dress yourself up as a ninja.

Step 3. When you get to the back, simply switch the hands the ties are in and keep bringing both ends back around to your forehead.

Step 4. When you have the ties back in the front, you have a coupe of options. It’s best to first cross them over, like when you first being to tie your shoelaces, and then bring them back around to tie off, creating the “turband” look.  Another option is to fold them over one another several times for a more pronounced turban bump and dipped shape near the forehead (i.e. not a straight across band). You can also twirl the front ends when you bring them back around and tie them in a bow off to the side of your band.

Step 5. If you want to do a simple twist, start your turband at the back, and when you bring the ends around to the front, twist them over top of one another several times and bring the ends back in the opposite direction in which they came (i.e. don’t fold both ends over top of the twist you just made on your forehead).

Step 6. You can tie the ends together to make a small knot or a bigger bow, leave them dangling long or just tuck them away subtly, depending on your mood. This all depends on the length of the scarf so experiment in advance.

Step 7. Re-tuck pieces or adjust as necessary if things don’t seem even. Wearing your hair down will also make the whole process easier, so make sure it’s ready the way you like it when you begin.

Step 8. If you really like the way it looks, you can consider using a hot glue gun to hold the ties in place, and then embellish with bright gemstones (assuming you don’t want to use the scarf or fabric again).

You can easily turn this look into a casual nomad feel with a fringed hobo bag, gladiator sandals, a tunic and some worn in jean shorts. Extra points for vintage looking or home made jewellery.

Glam up this look for special occasions with a one-button blazer, fitted pants, caged high heels and bold jewellery and lips. Don’t play it safe with colour. You’ll look like a fashion oasis in the desert when you’re done.

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