How to Look Cute When It’s Cold Out

When frigid weather sweeps across the country, it’s not just the temperature that freezes over. Our fashion choices can also go in to a deep freeze. Instead of snowflakes becoming your sole accessory, it’s time to learn how to take advantage of the frostbitten climate. So rid yourself of that shapeless jacket and winter ski mask, here’s how to look trendy (and stay toasty!) during these icy months:

Hide the bulk
The key to staying snug, fashionable or not, is layering. It’s important to wear clothes that keep in the warmth. However, the last thing you want to do is appear bulky. With that being said, pay careful attention to your articles of clothing. It’s best to stay away from wearing heavy, chunky knits beneath a winter jacket. If you have your heart set on modeling a heavy-knit sweater, why not pair that with a faux fur vest instead? You’ll remain exceptionally toasty, and won’t have to worry about lugging a jacket, and the added pounds.

Pay attention to your frame
Just as we opt for blazers that accentuate our curves or smaller frame, scope out a winter jacket that appeals to your body type. No matter the season, a coat should always be form-fitting. So take the time to look for an overcoat that not only keeps you warm, but flatters your figure. Search for one that is dressy, and can be worn on multiple occasions. Pst – select a jacket of similar style to Banana Republic’s ˜military long wool coat’. Just remember, you want a coat that keeps you warm, yet doesn’t appear as if you left the house sporting a duvet.

Dress it up
Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean we’re restricted to wearing dress pants and parkas while heading out for the night. So unearth those skirts collecting dust in the back of your closet, and pair one with a set of leg warmers atop of tights. And of course, let us not forget to mention another highly acclaimed winter fashion piece: the sweater dress. If fancy skirts and dresses aren’t for you, the same can be done with shorts. Just make sure not to step outdoors bare-legged, looking trendy isn’t worth catching a cold.

Expand your footwear options
When it feels as if the universe is freezing over, hunky snow boots seem to be the only practical footwear option. This may be true if we’re spending the day snowshoeing, but we can still get away with wearing other forms of shoes, without subjecting our toes to frostbite. There are endless options this season, so try expanding your horizons with lace up bootie heels, or a pair of knee-highs with faux fur accents. Also, opt for jeans or dress pants that are tight-fitting and look good tucked in, so you don’t risk sabotaging your look. Tip: make sure to spray your boots before venturing outdoors; salt stains will never be in style.

Burst with colour
Just because the weather is mundane and the sky is constantly overcast, doesn’t mean your look should follow suit. While the sun seems to be hibernating for the winter, why not create your own colour? Although black, brown and grey are the traditional hues of winter, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the ordinary. So complete your look with a colourful knitted crochet hat, cashmere patterned scarf and matching gloves. Then, daub on a touch of lip gloss, sweep on a rosy-pink blush, and make a statement with your vibrant ensemble. Who knows, you may forget about the gloomy outdoors altogether.

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