Rachel Zoe Allegedly Knocks Off a Dress

Because the fashion world is not without drama or scandal, why should anyone be surprised that a designer is being accused of knocking off a dress and claiming it as her own?

But Rachel Zoe? We expected more. (Well, not really. But still – she should know better.)

After the mother-to-be released her new vintage-inspired collection earlier this week, Teen Vogue editor Jane Keltner de Valle compared Zoe’s white sequin shift dress to one showcased in a 2007 issue of the magazine, used in a shoot “What Goes Around Comes Around” (interesting play on words, no?) that the stylist-turned-designer ended up buying four years ago because shed liked it so much.

Enter: the Rachel Zoe Collection and its 2011 debut, featuring the dress in question.

Of course, since the collection is “vintage inspired”, Rachel can claim she merely paid tribute to the 2007 edition by um, making an exact replica and putting her name on it (yikes) – but of course, in the wide world of strong fashion personalities, there’s always a loophole or well-paid lawyer to make “tiny mistakes” like this go away.

Unless we’ve all terribly misunderstood the situation. Your move, Zoe.

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