Halloween Ho-No: Keep it Classy

Every year it’s the same spooky story”you walk into a Halloween store in search of a costume and see endless rows of tacky sexy French maid, sexy cat and sexy policewoman costumes. You want to dress up sexy this Halloween¦but when do plastic thigh-high boots and chain-link bras turn from sexy into skanky? How can you find a balance without going overboard? Here are some tips on how to wear Halloween costumes that will leave you feeling classy– yet still sexy and sassy:

Wear Pants

Unless you are dressing up as Lady Gaga or a giant baby, it might be wise to wear pants. Not only for health reasons (you’ll catch a cold with your other cheeks hanging out!), but there’s something to be said about a lady who wears pants/skirts/shorts. No one likes to see butts in the streets.

Get Creative

Nothing screams confidence like a woman with wit! Get noticed because of your costume idea and execution, not just because of your killer cleavage. You’ll stand out in a sea of naughty nurses and will be a walking icebreaker.

Lingerie is Not a Costume

You don’t want to pull an Amanda Seyfried a la Mean Girls by wearing lingerie and mouse ears as a costume (I’m a mouse, duh!). There are other ways to look like a sexy critter. If you want to show off your buff bod, try wearing a form fitted suit that keeps you covered (not to mention warm). Think Anne Hathaway as Catwoman sexy versus Snooky wearing leopard print. Do yourself a favour and leave the lingerie for the boudoir.

Photo Haunts

Remember that what happens on Halloween, stays forever on Facebook. So if you’re feeling a little self-conscious in your choice of missing materials, know that it will haunt you in friend’s Facebook tags, tweets, tumblrs and Instagrams. Dislike.

Best ASSets

The golden rule of any fashionista is to show off your best asset¦not all of them. This applies to Halloween as well.  If you’re a runner, show off your toned gams; if you love your back, there’s nothing sexier than a low back LBD. Love your engaging eyes? Go dramatic with the eyeliner. Remember that there’s nothing scarier than a girl with everything on display, so keep it zoned in. 

Booze Control

One overtly sexy outfit plus one too many tequila shots may result in you portraying a less than classy version of yourself. Be careful of your booze intake this Halloween, you don’t want to end up in a scary situation. To keep yourself in a good headspace, alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water”you won’t get as intoxicated as you’re spacing out your beverage intake, and you won’t wake up with a horrifying hangover and you’re constantly hydrating yourself. Know your limit.

And last, but not least:

Keep Kim Kardashian Out

If Kim Kardashion would wear it for Halloween, you shouldn’t.

Remember to stay safe and sexy this Halloween!

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