Dior Releases Temporary Gold Tattoos

The latest trend in totally unnecessary but kind of cool luxury items are 24-carat gold temporary tattoos from Dior.

The Dior Grand Bal Golden Tattoos are a limited edition collection of temporary ink made to look like pieces of jewelry. The $120 set includes cuff bracelets, rings and charm bracelets.

This isn’t the first time a luxury brand entered the realm of body art. Last year, Chanel released a non-gold, more affordable collection of temporary tattoos based on their Spring 2010 designs. It seems that Dior really liked that idea.

Camille Miceli, Dior’s jewelry designer, designed the collection to mimic the fashion house’s Christmas theme, which is the 17th century Parisian grand ball.

The Dior Grand Bal Golden Tattoos are currently available through Nordstrom or www.Dior.com. So far, no one seems to know how long the gold tattoos actually last.

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