Get TIFF Ready with Jewellery Advice from Tamara Kronis

TIFF will be here soon so we better start getting ready cause this year is a big one. It is the festival's 40th anniversary, which is attracting some seriously A-list celebrities. If you plan on hanging out in Yorkville a little more than usual in the hopes of spotting someone famous or trying to sneak into some of the exclusive parties around the city, you're going to want to look good enough to walk the red carpet. I mean, Johnny Depp is going to be here. How are you going to catch his eye? Maybe with something that sparkles?

We chatted with the talented Tamara Kronis, owner, goldsmith, and gemologist of Studio1098 here in Toronto for some tips and predicts on TIFF red carpet jewellery. If you're seeking on snapping a selfie with a celeb, you may want to heed this advice.


What kind of jewellery do you think we will see on this year's TIFF red carpet?

I think that one of the trends in the celebrity world is the trend of shock and awe. They are all trying to out-differentiate themselves from one another so I think we're going to continue to see jewellery on unusual body parts, like we had with the up-the-ear cuff last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone with shoulder chains or some kind of headdress. I feel like the trend has been that they're kind of trying to outdo each other and I think that trend echoes with real people who are also looking to do things that are a little bit different but maybe in a more conservative way. For a while there a few years ago, multi-finger rings were out there but they didn't really catch on in the general public, although custom rings did. So I think it will translate in some kind of practical, sensible way but still glamorous.

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Are those the kinds of trends that you think are going to happen for fall?

No. A few years ago the trend was toward big statement necklaces and I think that we're starting to see the backlash against that. There have been a lot of very delicate necklaces this summer so I think that we're going to see a trend back to finer, small, more elegant pieces, but personalized.

I also think that rose gold is still in but I've actually seen a lot more yellow gold lately. I think the reason is that what rose gold has really done is moved people off of white, giving people permission to bring colour back into their metal again. We're seeing this very individual, personalized trend where people whose skin tones suit yellow or rose gold better than white are asking, What looks best on me? What expresses me?

People are moving to try and express their own personal fashion but in a way that's not over-the-top. I think over-the-top is out. Understated is not quite in but it's coming back. We're seeing that on the runways with structured, simple pieces that are almost virtuouso with fabric. Designers are really showing off their technical skill with fabric so I think that the accessories that are going to suit that are going to be simple.


How do you make simpler jewellery stand out?

I think there are a couple of things. One is a flash of colour. A very successful collection that I did last year was sort of back-to-basics. We called it the Essentials Collection and it was simple bezel set gemstones. Black diamond bezel set earrings were kind of the anti-diamond stud. They're simple, they're elegant and they're unusual. It's a bold simplicity.

Also, everyone had a little arrow necklace this summer so I think we'll start to see different shapes. There are a hundred different arrow necklaces out there because everyone copied it so there's for sure going to be a backlash against that. Nobody wants to be wearing a little black dress and the same necklace as everyone else, so look for different shapes.

What would you say are the do's and don'ts when it comes to accessorizing for something like TIFF?

I think comfort is a really big deal. If you're going to TIFF events or anything that's red carpet or where you're going to be a bit on display, you need to be comfortable. People can tell when celebrities aren't comfortable. Don't wear something you're not comfortable wearing because if you do, you're going to be touching or moving it all night. When people are comfortable it shows and it radiates the confidence that people want to be around. Jewellery can help you with that because you can have the same dress as everybody else but if you accessorize it differently and you amplify yourself, that's going to show.

Also, be authentic. I think that anti-trend is going to be the new trend or that really confident, authentic, make-it-your-own style is popping up. Remember very few women have the time and the budget to make a statement all the time so cover the basics and then start to flex from there, but you can do it in an individual, personalized, interesting way.

One thing I would also say is that if you're buying costume jewellery, know that it's disposable and pay accordingly. It's very rare that costume stuff can either be fixed or repurposed. It's not a don't buy it because it has a place in every woman's wardrobe, but don't get too attached to it and don't get super disappointed when it can't be fixed.

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Are there any jewellery rules that can actually be broken?

As long as you're authentically yourself and confident in what you're wearing, there are no jewellery rules. You can pull off anything.

If you could wear only one kind of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would only wear cuff links. Of all the genres of jewellery that I make, they are the ones that are most capable of showing a quirky, highly visual, fast sense of someone's character. When you look at someone's cuff links, you know what you're dealing with. You know whether you're dealing with someone conservative or fun or playful or serious or someone with just buttons.

Check out some of Tamara's favourite pieces below, all designed, hand-crafted, and available at her studio.

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 gold sapphire necklace with letter-cut sapphires

14K white gold and sapphire necklace with letter-cut blue, pink, yellow and green sapphires


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