Get Kate Middleton’s English Rose Style

Our love of Kate Middleton’s style is no secret. Whether she’s decked out in a traditional royal outfit (read: a classic dress) or going athletic for London 2012, we’re on board. So to channel Kate Middleton on your own, here are our tips for getting her classic English Rose style.

1. Natural makeup
There’s a difference between looking natural and not wearing any makeup at all, and Ms. Middleton clearly understands that. Keeping eye shadow neutral but enhanced through black eye liner and mascara, her eyes still stand out without an onslaught of colour. Finish with a neutral lip “ like a light pink “ and a sweep of blush, and you’ll make the look your own. Just remember to keep your concealer and foundation matched perfectly to your skin so you’ll avoid looking overdone (or worse: two-toned). 

2. A flattering silhouette
Fine, a flattering silhouette couldn’t sound more vague, but hear us out: thanks to Kate’s sleek dresses, cinched-in waist and pleated skirts, she’s aced the vintage look that’s dictating Fall 2012. If not in a two-piece suit, we often see Kate in dresses that accentuate her figure without seeming too tight. Despite looking put-together, she never looks uncomfortable, and that’s a technique we can all embrace by pairing button-up blouses with pencil or A-line skirts, or blazers with fitted, mid-rise skinny jeans.

Kate Middleton's Style

3. Subtle accessories
Accessories are huge “ literally, in both their size and amount worn “ this season, so channel both Kate and autumn with a cocktail ring, beaded necklace or even a studded bag. Since Kate’s outfits are usually so colourful, she doesn’t tend to load up on accessories, which is what keeps her looking English Rose-inspired. Avoid accessory overkill by using one piece to make a statement (like a ring or a bracelet) and complement it with a metallic or embellished clutch. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, but don’t overdo it since too many will take away from your entire outfit.

4. Nude shoes
Kate may not always be seen in nude pumps, but she’s certainly made them a wardrobe staple. While you can’t go wrong with black (most of the time), nude lightens up an outfit while still keeping it anchored since the tone is a neutral. If you’re wearing a bright colour, you can take a page from the book of Kate by pairing it with nude shoes “whether heels or flats “ to look polished but not overpowered by your footwear. Now let’s have some tea.


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