Florence Welch on Self Expression & Her Sense of Style

You know what I love? (Rhetorical questions?) Brand ambassadors. Or, specifically: ones I really like and am psyched about, hello.

So: enter Florence Welch — of Florence and the Machine, duh — who was named Gucci’s frontwoman back in February.

“I haven’t been an ambassador for something before, and to be honest I don’t think it’s something that I would have even considered had it  not been for Alessandro,” she said to Vogue. “What he is doing is so up my street that it feels so natural for us to be working together.”

“Years and years ago I wore a very brightly patterned suit to the NME Awards and the tabloid press were like, ‘What is it?!’ There was an outcry!” she recalled, proving that everybody but her was (is?) an idiot.


“It feels so fresh but it fits into my wardrobe so naturally.”

But what I like so much about this particular interview is the way Welch opened up about figuring out her look over time. You know: like the rest of us.

“It’s interesting, actually, because I’ve really figured out, sartorially, who I am in the last couple of years,” she explained. “I had a little bit of a break from touring and going to events, and now that I have come back I have a much stronger sense of my personal style. When I first started this record, it was really important to have a break from Ceremonials, which was all stripped back in strict suits. I was quite heartbroken when I toured with this record, and the themes of it were very present in my life — my maximalist came back! To meet Alessandro at this time, where I feel like things have come full circle, is really nice. I feel like I’ve returned to the world of fashion with a much clearer sense of identity.”

And man alive, I love that. Mainly because I think it echoes something we all go through. When I look back at what I was wearing two and even one year(s) ago, those pieces reflected a point in my life where I was obviously trying to work out a lot of other things. And now, we’re probably all in clothes that make us feel like the boss-ass bitches we are.

Also, Florence Welch is a boss. If Harry Styles can’t be brand ambassador, then okay fine: Florence it is.

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