5 Reasons Why JoJo Fletcher Will Be the Best Bachelorette

The promo teaser for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette dropped yesterday and while it didn’t tell us much, it did solidify one thing that we know to be true: JoJo Fletcher is going to be a great Bachelorette.

1. She doesn’t take shit

JoJo’s time on The Bachelor was a little rocky. Her and Ben seemed to be moving in the same direction (obviously, they both said “I love you”), but a lot of their time alone was spent talking about far-off issues instead of getting to know each other now. JoJo was one of the two unfortunate ladies who got dealt the “I love you card” in the same week, JoJo was the one to step up and ask if he was allowed to say that (there are no rules when it comes to this franchise). While JoJo may have her own shit happening in the background (you can’t choose your family), her reaction to being dumped after hearing those words ensures she won’t pull that again and won’t put up with any mind games, either.

2. Her family is crazy

One of the reasons that we keep watching is insanely unrealistic show is because of the drama. While it’s usually the contestants stirring the pot, this year we have JoJo’s family to add into the mix and we all know how that fared for poor Bachelor Ben. This season, JoJo’s brothers have 28 hopeful guys to torment, which means it’ll be survival of the fittest. We’re looking forward to more cringe-worthy moments that make us do this:

the bachelor champagne

3. Her ex is crazy

In the same hometown dates episode where Ben met the whole crazy Fletcher clan, he always found out about JoJo’s ex “Chad” who may or may not be stalking her. If he gets that worked up over one guy, imagine how he’ll be when he finds out she’s dating 28. Really, any guy that makes it through this season without stirring up his own trouble or who can tolerate this kind of crazy deserved more than a final rose.

4. She has some of the best one-liners 

The day JoJo went on the group date where they all had to cook and she dropped the line “Ben already tasted my taco. And he loves it,” I knew she would be amazing. Hopefully the contestants on her season are cool with that, otherwise we’re sure they won’t last long.

5. She’s just like us

Ultimately, she’s just a twenty-something girl that wants to meet a cool guy (and wants him to taste her taco). Her Instagram feed shows us that she likes #OOTD posts, hanging with friends and the wine/Bachelor/yoga pants combination (something I can also seriously relate to) and isn’t afraid to show off her personality (hi, looking at that unicorn head she wore on the first night). Sure, she’s going about it in a rather unconventional/unrealistic manner, but history has shown us that once you drink The Bachelor Kool-Aid, you’re a lifer.  

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 23 at 8pm and stay tuned for our weekly recaps. 

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