Model Bianca Balti Shares How She Celebrates Mother’s Day

Italian model Bianca Balti has graced the pages of countless magazines and walked the catwalks for fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Dior, just to name a few, while also being the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic Light Blue fragrance. And while models are essentially goddesses in our books, they’re still people too and still celebrate Mother’s Day. And as a working, traveling mother-of-two herself, it’s more relatable than you think.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Femme ($85) may already be one of your mom’s go-to fragrances, especially with its feminine and fresh feeling. Notes of Sicilian citron, bluebell, granny smith apple, jasmine sambac, bamboo, white rose, cedarwood, amber and musk make up this iconic scent for women, but this commercial really just sweetens the deal, doesn’t it?

Adding to the Light Blue roster this year will be Love in Capri Pour Femme ($85) and Beauty in Capri Pour Homme ($77), both available in June at Sephora. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Love in Capri harnesses a lot of the same notes from the original, but adds in a touch more sweetness with notes of mandarin, almond blossom and honeysuckle to go with the warm summer season.

While getting ready for the launch of the latest versions of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Balti shared some of her insights on how she celebrates Mother’s Day, model-style.

As a mom yourself, how will you spend Mother’s Day?

Hopefully I am going to spend Mother’s Day with my daughters. Usually my older daughter comes home from school with a present she made for me, which is the best moment of my day.

As a daughter, how will you spoil your mom?

We’re usually not in the same town on Mother’s Day, but I send her text messages every hour to make sure she knows I love her”the texts are always full of hearts. Then I’ll call her in the evening.

Do you have any specific Mother’s Day traditions in your family? Have they changed since you became a mom yourself?

In my family we don’t have any specific traditions for Mother’s Day, but since I moved to Spain, I realized that there is a Spanish Mother’s Day, Italian, English and American one so I even get to celebrate up to four times a year.

Are you planning to spend Mother’s Day with your mom? What will you do?

I wish I could spend Mother’s Day with my Mom but this unfortunately has not happened for a long time. I started to work, and now I am a mother myself, but hopefully one day. Instead I think I am going to take my older daughter for a date. Usually we dress up and we go to a fancy restaurant together on a proper romantic date.

Are there any tips your mom passed on to you?

My mom only gave me one beauty tip but I have really treasured it since. She told me that if I want people to notice when I dress up and when I do some special makeup, then it is best to keep it simple every day, so that’s what I do. I usually dress in a very simple way and wear no makeup so that when I really want to feel special, as soon as I put some heels and some lipstick on, I feel really wonderful and everybody around me notices the difference.

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