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When models are walking a fashion show wearing the same makeup and hairstyle it might be hard to tell them apart. But when it comes to their street style, these girls certainly all have their own unique tastes. Despite 5 am mornings, long work days, and beautification processes that can take hours, models know that their job as style icons continues when they step out of the studio. And if you are looking for outfit inspiration, model street style is a good place to start. Check out these off-duty models and see if any one, or all of them inspires your own personal style.

Frida Gustavsson “ The Old Soul
Frida Gustavsson
Despite being 18 years old, Frida Gustavsson has a style that would suggest she is years beyond her young age. She is often spotted wearing ankle length skirts, shoulder pads and modest blouses, and always managing to look eclectic yet effortlessly chic. You might find all the items you need to mimic her style in your local thrift store or while sifting through your mother or grandmother’s closet.

Karlie Kloss “ The Girl Next Door
Karlie Kloss
American born model Karlie Kloss might just be the ultimate girl next door. She has a very stress free sense of style; she’s not so much into bells and whistles as she is into simple classic pieces that are easily mixed and match. Denim shorts, cozy sweaters, skinny jeans, jackets and pretty dresses are all good items to look for if you want to look like this A-list model. 

Freja Beha Erickson “ The Rocker Chick
Freja Beha Erickson
Freja often sports what can be referred to as the model uniform; black on black¦ on more black! But she gives it her own edge to the look by always pairing it with chunky combat boots, military or leather jackets, and a good leather bag. She doesn’t often stray from this look, but when you find something that works for you sometimes it’s best to stick with it. 

Ming Xi “ The Androgynous Girl
Ming Xi
Women wearing men-inspired fashion is a hot look these days. Ming Xi often puts together ensembles that are the perfect mix of femininity meets masculinity. The androgynous balance can be difficult, but take a page from Ming’s book of style and try a structured jacket, flowy blouse with a high neckline and some dark skinny jeans.

Abbey Lee Kershaw “ The Hippie

Abbey Lee Kershaw Street Style
If you didn’t know who Abbey Lee was, and you saw her on the street in the dead of winter, you might think that she was your neighbourhood bag lady. Channeling her style is surprisingly easy; wear lots of loose layers, in various patterns and textures. Abbey usually opts for floor length skirts, boots, oversized coats and detailed scarves. She might be the best model to mimic when it comes to winter style, because all those layers are guaranteed to keep you warm!


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