Essential Fashion Musts This Spring

With the abundance of beauty that rocked the spring 2011 runway (é  la New York Fashion Week) it’s hard to adhere to every fashion fad. The number of trends strutting down the catwalks each season can be overwhelming: do you go for the vibrant, cranberry striped blouse, or the motorcycle chic blazer, adorned with lustrous studs? Well, set your indecisiveness on the runway’s sidelines, because sometimes, you don’t need to choose. It’s time to spice up your spring wardrobe by injecting a dash of flair into the garments you already own.

Vibrant-Hued Sunglasses

Whether we’re a fashion devotee or occasional skimmer of the latest style mag, it doesn’t take an expert to note bold, popsicle bright colours are a prime look for spring. Peek into the display window of any clothing store and they will be sure to confirm this fact. However, you don’t need to renovate your wardrobe with vibrant hues – sometimes a subtle, electric jolt of colour is all you need.
Brighten up your look with Forever 21’s F6603 Sunglasses in Blue, $6.68.

S - F21 Glasses 300x400

Studded Clutch 

On Burberry’s 2011 spring/summer catwalk, luxury biker chic was a central theme of the runway show. From glittering silver leather to spiked patent (hello, Emma Watson), it’s hard to imagine a spring collection more fierce. No need to fret, fellow readers, there are other motorcycle-esque pieces that can make a statement just as bold, without depleting your bank account.
Live on the wild side with Urban Outfitters Ecote Antiqued Metallic Beaded Clutch, $38.

S - UO Clutch 300x400

White Fedora

White may be the last shade on our mind once the winter season ends, but don’t write it off just yet – the modern minimalist look (with subtle, black accents) is a key look for spring. At least this way we won’t blend in with the snow? Incorporate this fad into your wardrobe by playing with your accessories. Just think: once our skin turns ever-so golden, we’ll appreciate the white contrast against our complexion.
Show off your lustrous glow, with Zara’s Hat With Satin Ribbon, $19.90.

S - Zara Fedora 300x400

Safari Tote

Commemorate all in the wild, as animals finish hibernating and we too surface from our hiding spots with safari induced attire. Roar with style this season, as the urban desert look is all the rage. What exactly does this trend entail, you ask? Think animal-print patterns and sand coloured adornments. But instead of being mistaken for a safari guide, take inspiration from this look and apply it to your accessories:
Get in touch with nature, and try Michael Kors’ Marina Tote, in the Tiger/Dark Walnut Hue, $178.

S - Kors Tote 300x400

Floral Printed Scarf

No longer must we wait for flowers to bloom outdoors, because our clothing is all the floral we need. Feminine florals and pastel shades are a classic look. In a way, this trend is the spring paradigm. But flower-scattered prints and girly pink shades may not suit us all. So if you want to dip your toes into a flower bed instead of buying the entire bouquet, start subtle:
Free your inner flower-child, with Urban Outfitter’s Floral Print Crochet Eternity Scarf, $29.

S - UO Scarf 300x400

Tasseled Heels

Another latest obsession for spring are tassels, an embellishment spotted on the Spring runways, anywhere from Diane von Furstenberg to Louis Vuitton. Whether it be on a pair of earrings or bohemian-like purse, this trend appears to have no boundaries. While most are wearing tassels attached to their garments or exhibiting them dangling from their ears, dare to be different and model this trend on your toes:
Make a statement with Anthropologie’s Charleston Heels, $278.

S - Anthro Shoes 300x400

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