Off-Duty Model Style

Ever wonder how models achieve that signature off-duty style? You know, how they strike (much to our frustration) the perfect balance between appearing like they don’t care, yet come off totally put together? Well, you’re not the only one because the fashion industry is simultaneously smitten and amazed at how these cat-walkers look effortlessly chic 24/7, with some fashion blogs dedicated solely to the off-duty style of models.

So if you’re interested in emulating the ‘cool girl’ look, worthy of being snapped by street style bloggers, read on to achieve that model-off duty appearance without the designer price.

Leather Jacket

Hands-down, the most important item you’ll need to emulate an off-duty model is a buttery soft, supple leather (or faux) jacket. While there are endless style options to consider, choose a fitted jacket with either a wide funnel-neck that can be folded over your shoulders when worn open, or a classic aviator jacket. Both instantly exude downtown cool and can be paired with pants to sexy dresses. This is one area that while you can pay less, you should invest more money as it will remain in your closet for years and never go out of style.
Style for Less: Forever 21’s Modern Moto Jacket, $23.80. 

S - Leather Jacket 300x400S - Forever 21 Moto Jacket 300x400


To emulate a model you’ll need derriere-hugging, leg-skimming skinny jeans, or, if you really want to make an impact, a pair of leather leggings. Don’t opt for big brand logos emblazoned on your pockets or a ton of whiskering and bleaching. Models keep their denim to simple, all over washes, but do like to don distressed denim a la Current Elliott. This is one area that you can definitely save money!
Style for Less: Zara’s Raw Superskinny Jeans, $79.90.  

S - Denim 300x400S - Zara Denim 300x400


If you’re going to be stomping your way through fashion week, then you’ll need a sturdy pair of boots to keep you going. Motorcycle boots and ankle boots, with or without accents, are often your best choice as they pair effortlessly with jeans or dresses. While French designer Isabel Marant creates boots that models go gaga for (at over $1,000 a pop), budget-friendly retailers like Aldo and Zara feature runway-inspired designs for a fraction of the cost.
Style for Less: Aldo’s Black Suede Tauret Wedges, on sale for $59.98.  

S - Boots 300x400S - Aldo Boots 300x400


If you want to really be noticed you need to be wearing the of-the-moment Mulberry, Chloe or Alexander Wang bag. Often a slouchy bag with shoulder straps is ideal, as it won’t get in the way of your ever-important texting. Again, there are many designer-inspired bags offered at a budget-friendly price, allowing you to tote a new style each year.
Style for Less: Urban Outfitter’s 7 Chi Heavy Studded Two Pocket Tote, $78.00.  

S - Bag 300x400S - UO Bag 300x400


To cap-off the off-duty ensemble, keep jewellery at a minimum, wrap your neck in a soft, oversized scarf in a neutral hue and keep the hair and makeup natural. That’s right”models off the catwalk are often photographed fresh-faced and glowing, but because we’re not all born with freakishly perfect skin, a pair of oversized sunnies only adds to the effortlessly-cool nature of model dressing.
Style for Less: Anthropologie’s Liquid Rhombus Scarf, $48.00. 

S - Accessories 300x400S - Anthropologie Silk Scarf 300x400

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