Canadian Brands to Rock this Canada Day!

There’s no doubt that we are all proud to be Canadian and are certainly looking forward to celebrating our beautiful country on July 1. But it can sometimes be really difficult to boast our national pride in our everyday wear. With so many international brands available, finding Canadian ones can be tricky. That’s why we are here to give you a list of amazing beauty and fashion brands, all from Canada! From makeup to clothing to accessories, we will show you how to get a completely Canadian look for your upcoming Canada Day celebrations.


Vasanti Cosmetics

Let’s start with your face base. Established in 1999, Vasanti Cosmetics is known for using exotic natural ingredients in their line of makeup and skincare products to give you that healthy, radiant glow we all love. For a great lightweight foundation-concealer combo, check out their Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer, $23. It comes in a full range of shades so you can find the perfect match for your skin tone.

Vasanti Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer

Noir Cosmetics

There is nothing more classic and versatile than black. That’s why Noir Cosmetics decided to create a cosmetics line that works as the little black dress of eye makeup. The Montreal-based brand reflects the city’s ultra-chic urban vibe with a complete collection devoted entirely to the best and blackest blacks of eyeliners. Try the Forever Noir Long-Wear Eyeliner, $15 for a dramatic, all-day-all-night look.

Forever Noir Long-Wear Eyeliner

Bite Beauty

Another great cosmetics company that has a specific focus on one kind of makeup is Bite Beauty. Based right here in downtown Toronto, this cool lip care company will go to great lengths to help you find your perfect shade. With a range of finishes, flavours, and add on options, you can go in for a free lipstick consultation to determine your new favourite lip look. Book an appointment with a Lip Lab Artist and find your new summer colour! Lipsticks range from $36-$48, with an additional $6 per add on.

Bite Beauty


Birds of North America

Canadian designer Hayley Gibson launched her Birds of North America clothing line back in 2007. Available in boutiques across the country, her vintage-inspired contemporary clothing combines classic and modern design elements to create a cute and unique look. All pieces are made completely in Canada with quality material and manufacturing. The line includes pants, tops, shorts, skirts, tops, dresses, and even bridal wear.

Get the look! Curassow Top in Light Blue, $129 and Honeycreeper Pant in Navy, $149.

Birds of North America


Naked & Famous Denim

Of course, arguably the biggest staple in any wardrobe is a solid pair of jeans. Naked & Famous Denim fabric comes from Japan but all of their clothing pieces are made ethically right here in Canada. The brand imports super rare, super high quality Japanese denim fabrics to create a whole line of men’s and women’s wear. Women’s jeans come in a bunch of colours and three different fits: the straight, the skinny, and the high skinny. Get festive for Canada with these awesome Red Stretch skinnies, $110.

Naked and Famous Red Stretch Skinny Jeans

The Hudson’s Bay Company

We can’t mention Canadian clothing without mentioning the original North American brand, The Hudson’s Bay Company. For this year’s upcoming Canada Day celebration, Hudson’s Bay has come out with an I Heart Canada line that includes t-shirts, tote bags, towels and more, all with The Bay’s classic coloured stripes. Grab a cute cotton tee to rock on July 1st and show that you heart Canada too! This one will go great with those red skinnies.

Hudson’s Bay Company Women’s I Heart Canada Tee, $30

I Heart Canada Women's T Shirt


Aldo shoes

Founded in Montreal in 1972, Aldo shoes are an easy favourite. Trendy fashionable footwear available at affordable prices has turned this privately-owned Canadian corporation into an international franchise of shoes and accessories. They carry everything from boots to sandals to heels, and everything in between. All their footwear comes in all kinds of styles “ whether you are looking for a sleek classic pump or a funky fresh sneaker, Aldo has something for everyone. This summer, you’ll get great use out of these versatile Magpie sandals, $55. Available in black or gold.

Magpie Sandals

Nella Bella 

Right in the heart of Toronto you will find Nella Bella, which features a collection of high quality, completely vegan handbags and accessories. These PETA-approved purses come in all kinds of modern trendy styles, including satchels, clutches, messenger and hobo bags, and more. We love how this line shows that you can totally be fashionable while also being environmentally- and animal-friendly. Go classically Canadian with this functional red satchel, the Sutton, $119.

Nella Bella Sutton

Jenny Bird

With their corporate office in Toronto, several international showrooms, and pieces sold by over 600 retailers in 14 different countries, the Jenny Bird jewellery company is certainly a success. And understandably so. Jenny Bird’s fashion accessories are beautiful, high quality, and best of all, affordable. Pieces range from edgy to feminine, classic to modern, bold to simple, all of which are truly amazing. It was difficult to pick out a favourite to show you, so please be sure to check out their full collection. In the meantime, how awesome is this necklace?

Jagger Bib, $215

Jagger Bib


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