Best Swimsuits for this Summer

The sun is out, the weather is warm and the drinks are cold! But are the swimsuits fierce? It is summer and that means time to hit the beach. But, ever the conscious fashionista, you want to be looking your best when enjoying all the beach fun this summer. You can always rely on your trusty black bikini to never go out of style, but when you want to be a little more fashion forward, it’s all about the summer trends. Whether you’re hitting the buzzing beaches of Spain (caliente!), or are away on an exotic vacation in Maui, or just hitting your local beach, we know you want to stand out and look fabulous! Pear shaped, athletic build, curvy or petite, it doesn’t matter your size, it’s all about your style! These hot bikini and swimwear trends will add a little fun and flirt to your beachwear for summer 2011! 


Swimwear trends don’t follow the same cycles as other fashion trends. Designers are limited to what they can do, while still keeping the must have sex appeal and comfort. Enter vintage swimsuits. The image of Grace Kelly in a halter-neck white swimsuit and small ruffled skirt comes to mind. Channeling the elegance and of Old Hollywood, vintage swimsuits are in this summer. Designers are infusing vintage-inspired details into modern designs. A high-waist here, a vintage print there, and you have the perfect mix of old and new styles. Other things to look for are one-pieces with a cinched waist, playful prints, fuller-cupped tops and boy-legged bottoms. 

Try J.Crew’s Retro Dot Underwire Tank Swimsuit in Sweet Orange, $88. Available at


Women of all ages love to feel that sense of femininity when slipping into any piece of clothing. But, when you are bearing all at the beach, that feeling is all the more present. Designers are taking cues from a more feminine fan-base and are adding ruffles left, right and center this summer. Ruffled swimwear has no distinct rules like vintage pieces; it is just the addition of the ruffle that makes the suit unique. With one-piece or cut-away suits, ruffles are added at the neckline to accentuate the print of design on the suit. Subtle, yet very flattering. Ruffles are added to a bikini top to bring more attention to the bust; for those girls with smaller assets. Finally, ruffles are added to a simple and bold-coloured bikini, to liven up the suit and act as the main attraction. 

Try Gap’s Tiered Ruffle Bandeau, $22.99, paired with their Essential Wide Tie Bikini Bottom in Purple Pumice/Black, $12.99. Available at The Gap.

Crochet Bikinis

Influenced by both vintage swimwear and the return of crocheting in other fashion trends, these ˜holey’ suits are the must-have fashionable swimsuit. When worn right, the crocheted suit offers a perfectly mixed cocktail of sex appeal and fashion that every woman wants in her swimwear. The intricate stitching draws the eye, while also revealing that little bit more. This suit can also double as daywear. Pair a crocheted monokini with denim cut-offs and you have the perfect festival outfit. For a more modest approach, pair a one-piece with a mid-length skirt or high-waist pants while on a walk through town.

Try Topshop’s Crochet Bikini Set in Cream, $30. Available at

Digital Prints

They are everywhere this summer and it only makes sense right? Fashion is keeping up with technology with this summer trend. These suits are adored with bold prints, large images and intricate patterns. High contrasted colours are used and designers are also pulling inspiration from cultural references.

Try French Connection’s Sweetheart Dot Bandeau Set in Maya Blue, $78. Available at French Connection.

Statement Strapping

The term ˜string bikini’ comes to mind; but we aren’t talking about revealing your derriere. Thin and thick straps are being used this season to add flair and funk to your typical bikini. Wide statement strapping is used on vintage cut bikini briefs to break up a solid colour. One one-pieces, shoulder strapping is used to give that gladiator appeal. Crossing strings across the mid-section have been seen on the runways, but this version of the style has not been as popular with the tan-line-conscious beach goers!

Try Anthropologie’s Shades of Night Maillot in Black/Grey/Blue, $99.95. Available at Anthropologie.

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