We Shopped The Best Graphic T-Shirts (So You Don’t Have To)

Wearing your heart on your… well, heart, is one of summer’s biggest style trends, and we can’t get enough. The vintage concert tee trend of the last year has now morphed into graphic t-shirts with quirky, cool and even (subtly) political or socially conscious messages. We love that statement tees can make any outfit instantly cooler, whether worn with a pair of cropped jeans or layered under a blazer. Graphic tees will get you style points in spades, and of course, they’re super Instagram-friendly. So we shopped the coolest t-shirts of the moment to help you make your style mark this summer.

Shea T-Shirt, Bree Layne, $150

We love the ’80s heavy metal-inspired font of this shirt, and of course, its power woman message, which gives a fresh take on the “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt by Dior that’s been seen pretty much everywhere in the last year. A portion of the proceeds of the t-shirts go to Planned Parenthood in the US, and we’re always happy to support our American friends (who, let’s face it, have had a tough time of it lately).

Lover Tee, Lovers & Drifters Club, €49 (on sale)

The Amsterdam-based Lovers & Drifters Club has some of the coolest vintage-style clothing we’ve seen (and their styling and retro-esque, blown-out imagery is always on-point). We love the simplicity of the “Lover” tee, its bold font and ’80s vibe. We’re team “Lover” all the way.

Made of Stars Ringer Tee, Red Wolf, $40USD

We love the dreamy message of this simple white t-shirt. Vintage-style navy trim around the collar and sleeves give it that added something extra. The Red Wolf brand is also known for its “Grl Pwr” range of feminist tees and sweatshirts, which are worth checking out too.

100% Not Today, Top Knot Goods, $38US

Top Knot Goods veers into ’70s-meets-’80s-inspired clothing and accessories, with a hint of a naughty (but nice) vibe. We’re pretty sure that resident 29Secrets columnist Anne T. Donahue would be on-board with the message of this t-shirt. Also check out the amazing yellow “Legalize Dreams” tee pictured at the top of this post.

Alright Alright Alright Muscle Tee, CAMP, $18USD (on sale)

A muscle tee with Matthew McConaughey’s signature slogan? Sign us up! This shirt, and pretty much all of CAMP’s nostalgic ’70s wares, would look right at home in the movie Dazed & Confused.

Call Cats Tee, Haley Elsaesser, $58

This is kind of our everything t-shirt, because it not only involves cats, but also cats that use the phone. Also, that cool underlying feminist message (no cat calls, please!) delivered with a humorous twist, and the fun, bright colours add up to one perfect statement tee. And it’s Canadian! Read about our love for the designer Haley Elsaesser here.

Je T’Aime Crop T-Shirt, Top Shop at The Bay, $32

We couldn’t not put a French slogan tee in the mix, and this one has the perfect mix of sass and je ne sais quoi. We love the boxy fit and crop style, which gives it that “worn-for-years” appeal.

Sunday Brunch Tee, Chaser, $78

We’ll never say no to brunch. And this colourful, graphic tee in a soft heathered grey, says it all for us. The perfect, no-brainer weekend outfit t-shirt.

Dirty Dancing Tee, Urban Outfitters, $42

You’ll have the time of your life in this tee, because Dirty Dancing is obviously one of the greatest movies ever. This t-shirt also has a party in the back: Jennifer Grey dancing her way up those iconic stairs from the movie.


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