The Best Denim Pieces to Wear All-Year Long

Denim is one of the most versatile fashion fabrics that will see you through from season to season. Although it may seem that denim can only be worn on casual Fridays, these particular signature denim pieces can be added to any outfit, to any season – and chances are you already own them.

Denim Jean Jacket
Ok, so the denim jacket is a staple. It acts as both a great clothing piece and accessory. It wouldn’t be a surprise that if you already own one from your adolescence years or from recently buying one. The only key to wearing a denim jacket is that it’s all about balancing your look. Whether you are pairing it with a casual maxi skirt or adding a bit of edge to a pair of tailored pants and stilettos, just make sure your outfit looks effortless and feels comfortable.

Check out Esprit’s Denim Blouson Jacket in Light Wash, $49.99. Available at Esprit.

Denim Shorts
Denim shorts are not just for the summer anymore. Thanks to the creative reinvention from the fashion industry and savvy street style makers jean shorts can now be worn from spring all the way into early winter by simply adapting to the climate. By pairing your jean shorts with an off-shrug sweater on the top and a pair of black nylons or white knee-highs on the bottom, you can fashionably transition you into summer style into fall without any restriction.

Check out Suzy Shier’s Belted Lightweight Denim Shorts in Dark Wash, $25. Available at Suzy Shier.

Denim Jean Vest
Falling under the same category of the denim jacket as the perfect clothing accessory, the jean vest proves that the 90’s style of wearing a vest over a t-shirt or dress will never be out of season. A denim vest is perfect for either the spring or summer season when you want to cover up a bit without feeling too closed up in a jacket. The best way to wear a denim vest is to find one that cuts off just above or right at your belly button, depending on your height, and is loose fitting. This ensures a perfect fit that feels stylish and looks proportioned. 

Check out Urban Outfitters’ Insight Vandalized Denim Vest in Vintage Light Wash, $79. Available at Urban Outfitters.

Skinny Jeans
Remember in Sex and the City when Miranda finally fit into her skinny jeans and how excited she was to finally wear them and show them off? Well that’s exactly how a pair of skinny jeans should make any woman feel. Every woman has the perfect jeans out there for their body type. Whether you prefer to wear to wear boot cut jeans, flare jeans or straight leg jeans, the importance of finding the perfect jeans to flaunt your bottom assets is probably just as important as finding out the meaning of life (ok just a little exaggeration, a little).

Check out Lucky Brand Jeans’ Skinny Zoe Jeans in Sleepy Hollow Wash, $79.50. Available at Lucky Brand Jeans.

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  1. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    I luv denim! Especially denim jackets
  2. Avatar
    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    I luv denim! Especially denim jackets

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