12 Chic Cannabis Products You’ll Actually Want to Show Off


Gone are the days of lighting up with your run of the mill rolling paper and lighter that you randomly found in your condo. Instead, you can reach for beautifully designed smoking accessories that are not only a millennial’s dream, but they’ll change the way you think about cannabis.

And whether you’re a beginner or a long-time smoker, you’ll appreciate that brands have modernized outdated smoking essentials, focusing on design-forward accessories that are both innovative, stylish, and above all, you’ll want to show them off.

From golden rolling papers and a rose-gold grinder to storage containers that could pass as collectible art pieces, let the good times roll with this curated list of 12 bespoke cannabis accessories.

Iconic Stash Case

You’ll be stashing in style (and discretion) with this elegant green crocodile stash case from VerdeVie. Made in Japan, this case is purse-friendly, but given its aesthetic, chances are you won’t want to hide it from the world.

Price: $115

Roll + Blot Paper

Think of this as the multi-tasking product of your dreams. Sustainably made with 100% organic hemp fibre, these papers from Toronto-based Evio Beauty can be used for blotting away excess oil and reducing shine and for rolling joints. Simply blot away the stress of the day, then roll up a joint and relax.

Price: $13.50

Full Moon Ashtray

Toronto-based high-end womenswear line, Ellie Mae, teamed up with COFO Design to create an aesthetically pleasing collection of cannabis accessories, including this stunning ashtray. Locally made and handcrafted with concrete and an acid-etched finish, the Full Moon Ashtray is made of natural and sustainable materials in three colourways including pistachio, charcoal, and concrete. *swoon*

Price: $70

Pop-Up Grinder Card

An alternative to the traditional grinder, this wallet-friendly, cheese-grater style grinder is easy to use and easy on the eyes. Made by Van der Pop, a female-focused cannabis brand, to use this grinder, simply shave your bud against the grater teeth over a rolling tray or board.

Price: $10

Cabin Vibe Cannister

Inspired by foggy early mornings on Canadian waters, this two-tone ceramic container comes in two sizes and is the perfect spot to stash your weed or your smoking accessories.

Price: From $46

Gold Grinder

Regardless of where you are in your cannabis journey, an essential you’ll always need is a good grinder. And while there are countless versions available, this stunning gold number from Sackville & Co. definitely does the trick. Not only is it a beautiful piece, but it also features diamond-sharp teeth for perfect fluffy grounded flower.

Price: $53

Tortoise Lighter

Remember that neon pink Bic lighter you had in college? Well, this is definitely not that. This beautifully designed Japanese lighter features a tortoiseshell pattern and a gold interior case. And trust us, you may want to hide this one from your friends.

Price: $40


Marble Rolling Tray

The days of rolling your joints on a plate or a random magazine are thankfully behind thanks to this beautiful multi-use tray from Toronto-based Tokyo Smoke. Perfect for even the messiest of rollers, this white marble tray features a lip around the perimeter to keep flower contained when rolling.

Price: $75

Rose Gold Verde Grinder

This mini grinder is small but boy is it mighty. Made of durable aluminum, this rose gold grinder features a magnetic closure that will keep all your buds in place.

Price: $30

Purple Kush Scented Candle

Brought to you by the extremely popular Boy Smells candle company, this little number is infused with the green, bright notes of cannabis and brushed sued and has subtle floral hints of tulip, purple cassis, and lilac. While white musk and amber round out the fragrance.

Price: $46.95

Gold Rolling Papers

These 24K gold papers will add a luxe element to your joint game and will have you rolling in absolute style. Made with the finest edible gold and hemp blend for the smoothest burn.

Price: $26.99

Mary Jane Kimono

Introducing your new smoking jacket. Designed by Art of Marina, the Mary Jane kimono is literally wearable art that’s an update on the traditional smoking jacket. Made with sustainably-sourced 100% Mulberry Silk and flowing natural fibres, this kimono is both as luxe and chill as it gets.

Price: From $175

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