Martha Hunt Shares Her Top Style Tips

If you type ˜Victoria’s Secret Angel’ into Google you’re pretty much guaranteed to land on a bunch of articles that will give you tips on how to look like one.

There’s a reason we turn to Victoria’s Secret models when we’re looking for tips. Part of it is just a stroke of ingenious marketing on behalf of the people at VS, but mostly the Victoria’s Secret Angels are hard working women who have dedicated their lives to training like athletes, dressing like fashion icons, and eating like goddamn green goddesses.

This week I spoke to one of these beauties in the flesh, the stunning Martha Hunt, and I discovered that when you live such a fabulous life you basically turn into a walking talking issue of Vogue magazine” filled with insightful little tips and tricks to being a straight up girl boss.

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So, as one naturally does when presented with the opportunity to speak with someone who is supernaturally beautiful, I grilled her on how normal humans like you and I can look like Victoria’s Secret models. But don’t worry, I know neither of us can sacrifice pizza in exchange for steamed veggies or afford personal trainers at Modelfit, so I stuck to something we can all get on board with” how we can all copy her style. Here’s to hoping that if I start dressing like Martha Hunt, Taylor Swift will finally let me into her squad (just so long as no one makes me wear an I <3 TS shirt, then I’m so out…)

29Secrets: Which of your friends gives the best fashion tips?

Martha Hunt: I love Elsa Hosk’s fashion and style. She has the best Instagram, and she puts things together that you wouldn’t actually think would look good in your own mind, but she makes it work, because she has that vintage kind of look.

29Secrets: Who’s style inspires you these days?

MH: My biggest style inspiration is a toss up between Lily Aldridge and Alexa Chung. Alexa Chung also starts trends which is really cool, and hard to do these days, and she does that really well.

victoria's secret easy bra
Victoria’s Secret Easy Bra

29Secrets: What your best fashion tip?

MH: My go-to fashion tip is rocking the Victoria’s Secret Easy Bra. I think they look really cool and they’re fun to show off under blouses or under cardigans

29Secrets: You are always traveling; what items do you always bring with you?

MH: I always travel with a moisture mask, a sheet mask, workout gear, and a bikini.

29Secrets: Hypothetical question: Your house is burning down and you can only save one item. What do you take?

MH: (Laughs) Why is my house burning? I would take this vintage thirties bohemian gown with me. There was a moment where I was collecting things from the thirties, and I found it at a boutique called Exquisite Vintage on Broome street¦ I think its called Ritual Vintage now.

29Secrets: Hypothetical question #2: You’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and you need to quickly switch up your outfit to head out for drinks with your friends, what do you do?

MH: I would always throw a blazer onto it. I pretty much base most of my outfits off of a t-shirt and jeans look because I’m more of a casual style girl, but at night I like to glam it up¦ usually with a heel. I’m liking short kitten heels right now or chunky short heels. But yes, you can’t go wrong with a cool YSL evening blazer.

29Secrets: What’s your go-to outfit for a night out?

MH: Right now I’m loving suit dresses and pencil skirts.

29Secrets: And on a casual day in New York what are you usually wearing?

Victoria's Secret bralette
Victoria’s Secret bralette

MH: I’m trying to stay away from jeans because its so easy to just put them on everyday. Usually denim shorts, and in the summer its really great to break into that hippie vibe more with loads of flowy dresses. It gets so hot and muggy in New York, so its really hard to dress in the summer. I pretty much want to be naked- which is what the Victoria’s Secret bralettes are really good for! You can wear the high neck bralettes as a top with denim shorts or a little skirt and it looks super cute.

29Secrets: Last question, where is your favourite place in the world for fashion?

MH: The kids in London are cool because they’re fearless with their style, but I also love how the young people dress in Paris- even the older people. Its that very effortless look that I love.




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