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Top Trends from World MasterCard Fashion Week

Canadian fall fashion

Toronto’s fashion week wrapped up on Friday, after 34 Canadian brands debuted their fall/winter 2014 collections. A few trends stood out amongst the many looks than came down the runway. In particular, we saw a lot of feminine silhouettes (especially refreshing as we’ve seen a lot of “borrowed-from-the-boys” looks the past few seasons). Colour is back, but instead of neons, we saw more warm earthy tones like burnt orange and hunter greens. Most notably, after this past winter, designers are anticipating freezing temperatures once again, preparing us with oversized warm coats and accessories.

Here are our top 5 trends from World MasterCard Fashion Week:

Feminine Silhouettes

Cozy Coats

Warm Earth Tones

Inspired by Canada

Screen Prints

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