How to Get Your Hair Out of that Dull Winter Slump

Rejoice! The weather is finally turning and you can now walk out of your house with less than eight layers and without having to worry of an avalanche burying you alive in the middle of the city. Now that your archnemesis the Static Monster is no longer a lethal threat (until next winter, at least), you can take your scarf off without fear of giving off an electric current. But, your hair is probably feeling and looking pretty dull, not to mention fried from going in and out of the cold and from heat styling so much to prevent your hair from actually freezing. We've got some tips and tricks to help get your mane back to that beautiful pre-winter state! 

Go au naturel

Since it's finally warm enough that you don't have to fully dry your hair if you don't want to, skip the blowout and just use a styling spray and let your locks air-dry instead. Using something like the new Garnier De-Constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray gives your hair a nice dose of salt-infused spray (good for reinvigorating your strands) while avoiding that added heat and your mane will look super cute with beachy waves—plus if you get caught in the rain you won't have to worry about ruining your freshly blown-out 'do. $7, available at mass retailers nationwide

But, if you need to blow-dry your hair… 

Protect and treat first

For those of you who haven't incorporated a weekly hair mask sesh into their winter beauty regimen, shame on you. But since you read our beauty section religiously, you know that hair masks and treatments do amazing things for your strands, but they're not always practical when the warmer weather comes. Opt for a lighter pre-blow-dry formula like the newly revamped Pantene Pr-V Ultimate 10 BB Cré¨me. Hydrating enough to keep your hair smooth and soft, but light enough to use right before you blow-dry a few times a week. With 10 benefits like smoothing, protecting and de-frizzing, this baby will become one of your favourite hair go-tos. $8, available at mass retailers nationwide

Swap your shampoo and conditioner

Finding your favourite shampoo and conditioner combination is a spiritual experience. It has to be the perfect combination of hydrating without weighing your hair down, not to mention it has to smell good (a big must for me!). While most people stick to one shampoo/conditioner combo all year round, swapping with the season isn't a bad idea. Try the Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash and Rinse. The duo comes full of great ingredients (proteins, essential fatty acids and other fantastic sounding extracts) and is designed to bring some light and lustre to dull and dry hair. Oh and they both smell ah-mazing. $35 each, available at professional salons nationwide

Go get your hurr did

While adding extra chemicals to your hair might not be the best idea when it's brittle and damaged, going to get your colour touched up and getting a trim does wonders for your mane—and your mood! If you don't want to spend the extra cash, trying an at-home colour or just treat yourself to some time in the chair and get your colour back to its lively state while snipping off those brittle ends. Your hair will thank you for it. 

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