7 Beach Essentials That Aren’t a Bikini

Summer is here and the weather seems to be cooperating, save for a few thunderstorms (which are really just a reprieve in the middle of a heat wave–not that I’m complaining), which means you’re probably frequenting sandy areas close to large bodies of water. And while we know that bathing suits and bikinis are essential components of summer (not to mention a great summer read), it’s not everything you need to have a great day by the beach. Here are seven other beach essentials that you may have missed. 

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Verb Sea Spray ($16)

verb sea spray

We’ve lectured you on protecting both your skin and your hair, but in case you forgot, here’s a refresher: your hair and scalp need just as much protection as the rest of your body. Bring a UV-enriched hair mist like this wave spray to keep your locks (and your expensive colour service) in check, while also adding that tousled beach babe finish to your tresses. 

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