11 Fashionable Items You Need to Buy For Fall Now

A truly fashionable woman always thinks one season ahead. Ever wonder why the stylish girl in your squad seems to, without fail, looks so put-together at the beginning of each new fashion season? For most, myself included, it takes a good month of experimentation before I find my groove when it comes to my look each season. If I were more disciplined I'd be starting to write down the items to purchase for a smooth transition into fall 2016 right now. (Probably should be doing that instead of writing this piece.)

What's that saying? Those who can't do, teach?

Long story short, if you've already begun shopping for your fall wardrobe, you should consider yourself a fashion pro. If you're still buying summer dresses on sale right now, you might want to change your approach to shopping and life. Just saying.

Ask any style guru and they'll all say it is better to save up for that amazing fall item or two over the summer instead of falling prey to summer bonanzas aka sale season when retailers try to liquidate their summer stock real fast. Besides, you should have already purchased your summer items in the late winter/early spring. See how the circle of life works?

The good news is that most of your favourite stores are beginning to bring in the most coveted fall pieces as we speak. Translation? It's time to start buying boots, parkas and sweaters. Yes, right now as you sit here reading this in short shorts and a bikini, your inner style guru mind should be thinking snowflakes and pumpkin spice lattes. 

Here's a list of things you should currently buy or already have purchased for fall:

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Cashmere sweater


A staple in every wardrobe, we love anything from Everlane, but particularly The Cashmere V-Neck ($120) in this classic light grey. 

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