10 Reasons Not to Wear Black this Summer

If you’re the kind of person who clings to black in their wardrobe, it’s time to venture outside of your comfort zone. Most women have an entire side of their closet dedicated to black shoes and black clothes and who can blame them? We’ve been told by our fashion grandmothers from seasons’ past that black is the ultimate chic. Black is elegant; it flatters everyone; it’s slimming; it’s sexy; it’s EVERYTHING.

But black can also be boring. If you find yourself just throwing on any old black sweater and jeans by default because it feels safe, you might be using this non-colour as a fashion crutch. Summertime is the best time to let go of this dependency and venture into the zone of colour. The sun is out and chances are, you don’t look pale and dry like you do in the colder months, why not complement that glow with some yellow pants and a bubblegum pink pussy bow blouse?

Plus, there are so many beautiful pieces out there that aren’t black, just waiting to be loved. You can jazz up your wardrobe by picking a new summer handbag in a scintillating colour like baby blue or mint or try choosing a shade like pink, for instance, and building up an entire look using varying shades and tones (just make sure the undertones are consistent). If you do pink with warm undertones stick to peach, blush or rose. If you do pink with cool undertones you can move towards fuchsia, bubblegum or cotton candy. Like, doesn’t that just sound so exciting? Want to add some colour into your summer wardrobe? Here are 10 reasons NOT to wear black this summer:

1. Yeezy Season 2 basically made it OK for all of us to wear terracotta rust as the new basic. Next time you want to throw a black t-shirt on and be cool, just think: What would Kanye do?


2. Silk slips in navy, red, bone and grey are the new LBD. Pair these babies with a choker necklace and you’ll wonder why you’re the envy of every summer love song. We love slip dresses by Organic John Patrick.

3. According to style guru Madame Dariaux, black is actually not a flattering colour for summertime (and never worn before 5pm). If you have a tan, navy is a better choice. Reconsider your black addiction, ladies.

4. The new Gucci collection. Alessandro Michele is forcing women (and men) to steer clear of minimalism and buy metallic gold shoes, with furry soles. What are you waiting for?

5. Think outside your makeup box with NARS summer 2016 eyeshadows and opt for blue lids. We love the Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Pool Shark ($29)”periwinkle and so fresh!


6. You can only wear white on white for three months out of the year without being deemed a social pariah. Do like Solange on her wedding day and force everyone in your life to wear white at all times.

7. Lemon print: If there were ever a time to embrace a full lemon-printed skirt, now is the time. If you’re feeling extra daring, try a lemon espadrille to match, like these from Soludos

soludos lemon

8. White handbags: so impractical and yet so necessary. We love the Lauren Ralph Lauren Paley Leigh Crossbody Bag in white ($148).

9. Denim babouches: go full Canadian tuxedo when you’re jonesing for a full head-to-toe black look and seal the deal with Brother Vellies Denim Babouches ($235). 

Denim Babouche by Brother Vellies from slash-zine.com

10. You have another seven months to wear black all through the winter. Brace yourself!

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