10 Outfits to Wear on Your First Date

First dates can be awkward. They usually involve making small talk while demurely nibbling on a salad when you’d rather be going to town on a burger. That being said, first dates are also unavoidable and will almost always give you a great story to tell your friends afterwards. Here are ten outfit ideas that are fun enough to soften the blow of eating a salad with a banker who can’t stop talking about himself and also wears too much cologne.

1. Slit It Up

There’s really nothing more unassumingly sexy than a dress with a slit. We’re pretty sure this is the sort of outfit the woman whom Usher infamously called a lady on the street but a freak in the bed was wearing.

Image 1

2. White Hot
Feminine and elegant, white x white is always a good idea.

Image 2

3. Fringe Benefits
There is no such thing as an inappropriate time to wear a fringe skirt/dress. From date night, to fashion week, to dinner at your grandma’s we always approve of this ornamental border. Paired with strappy heels, your date’s jaw will be on the ground.

Image 3

4. Wrap Star
No need to say no to that second burrito friends, the wrap dress is your one step formula to an itty bitty waist. This dress is flattering on all body types, which makes it a fool-proof date night outfit.

Image 4

5. Playing Around
It’s not called a playsuit for nothing. These glorified onesies are the perfect combination of sexy and cute (Crazy, Stupid, Love reference people). We recommend it for a casual day date.

Image 5

6. Pencil It In
Going from the office to a date? Allow us to introduce you to the pencil skirt. You’ll go from #GirlBoss to megababe in less than 30 seconds.

Image 6

7. Bring Sexy Back
Nothing says business at the front and party at the back like a backless dress.

Image 7

8. LBD
For those of you who don’t know, Coco Chanel wasn’t just a designer, she could have also written a book on the art of seduction on account of the number of men she had wrapped around her finger. Therefore if the LBD was good enough for her, it’s good enough for you.

Image 8

9. Flower Child
If you’re more Audrey, less Marilyn, opt for floral detailing.

Image 9

10. Cropped and Loaded
Take a page out of Kim Kardashian’s style book and opt for a crop top and pencil skirt combo, because nobody does sexy like Kim K.

Image 10

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