10 Outfits for a Weekend Getaway

The only thing trickier than packing for a weekend getaway is fighting the urge to blow your rent money on Net-a-Porter. Somehow, your family/friends/significant other watch i
n horror as your carry-on turns into a suitcase as you inevitably end up packing half your wardrobe. We’re not judging, it is afterall, the age of Instagram and what’s an #ootd without a picture to go with it?

That being said, we strongly believe that a getaway shouldn’t involve weightlifting, whether it be in the form of a barbell or a 30kg suitcase. We’ve compiled a guide of easy outfit ideas that’ll make packing that much easier without having to compromise the chic factor.

1. Play Peak-a-boo
The subtly exposed lace bra is one of summer’s hottest trends. The best part is the simplicity factor which means you don’t have to pack much else other than a dress and a bra. Cheers to the freaking weekend which doesn’t involve a suitcase that screams back injury.

Image 1

2. White Out
There’s nothing more bold or fabulous than an all white look. Add a pop of colour with a bright pair of shoes or handbag.

Image 2

3. Maxi
We like to think of the maxi as the Taylor Swift of fashion – basically it has it all. This all-in-one is comfortable, easy, and chic. Oh and did we mention it takes up next to no space while packing?

Image 3

4. Haute Hippie
Not only are flared pants a summer must-have, they’re also a dream come true for summer getaways. A proper solution to those days where you don’t want skinny jeans to stop the blood flow on your legs, but feel too conscious of your cellulite to wear shorts. A lightweight pair of flared pants will take you from hippie to Saturday Night Fever in a flash.

Image 4

5. Mad Hatter
The oversized hat was made for the morning after. It takes your look from 0 to fabulous regardless of whether you removed last night’s makeup and may or may not still be drunk. All while shielding your face from the sun and judgement. It’s practically like a comforting best friend.

Image 5

6. Fringe Benefits
Fringe reminds us of the ˜90s style beaded doors that mesmerized us in our youth in the best possible way. Swing into style in a fringe dress which is easy to pack and so on trend.

Image 6

7. Shorts, Shorts, Shorts
Shorts and summer go together like Miley Cyrus and twerking. If you live in fear of looking #basic, we suggest denim on denim to keep things fresh.

Image 7

8. Romp Around
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to look stylish while exploring the great outdoors. The sensible and chic style of which we speak is the romper – all the fun that a dress offers, sans the wardrobe malfunction.

Image 8

9. Cool off in Culottes
No summer style story is complete without mentioning everyone’s favourite hybrid pant/skirt (pirt?). Style them with an off the shoulder top to tackle two trends at once.

Image 9

10. Dirt Off Your Shoulders
An off the shoulder dress is every It Girl’s getaway must-have. Bonus points if it involves lace or lasercut.

Image 10

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