Behind the Veil

Veils are a symbol of purity and modesty, but today, are an essential accessory for a bridal look. There are several veil styles that complement a range of wedding dresses and themes, but each have their own purpose and history.

People often think that wedding veils date back to the stuffy and prim Victorian-era when Queen Victoria herself popularized the white wedding dress. However, the tradition of brides wearing veils goes back to the Roman era, when brides were dressed in red and bright colours and wore veils to protect them from evil spirits. While you won’t be attracting any evil spirits on your wedding day, the wedding veil is the finishing touch to a gorgeous gown, and is the one day in your life you can wear the accessory.


Chapel & Cathedral

Often the most traditional, a cathedral-length veil was usually reserved for large churches, as the veil would fall along the train of a dress and can be over 100” long. For a dramatic effect, with less hassle, a chapel veil is more suitable for smaller venues and usually grazes the floor at 75” long. Both these styles are extremely long and dramatic, and it would be a shame if you covered a dress with an intricate back.


Ballet Veil

This veil length hits anywhere from the knee to the ankle. Perfect if you’re the bride who’s a bit clumsy and wants to avoid stepping on a long veil, but still wants the drama of a floor-sweeping design.


Shoulder Length

Often the most popular, this veil length isn’t fussy and and compliments a lot of necklines. One style making a comeback is a more boxy shape made of stiff tulle that sits an inch above the shoulders. This style was popular in the 1950s and would compliment an off-shoulder neckline or boatneck style dress.

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  1. Avatar
    • Olivia
    • January 18, 2018

    Would you mind telling me where I could purchase the shoulder length veil?

    1. Avatar
      • Kristen Vinakmens
      • January 18, 2018

      Hi Olivia – Unfortunately, we don’t have the retailer info for these images. But is a good resource for all things bridal!

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