Is Your Love for Real or a Fairytale?

So you met a guy at a bar and you two have been in constant contact since.  He’s courted you with sms texts, private Facebook messages, and has even whispered sweet nothings to your email account.  Sounds like a modern day Cinderella story, yes? Um “ No.

For some reason you have yet to see him in the flesh since the fateful night. Here a few reasons Prince Charming turned to the virtual world and has yet to transcend reality.

He has an evil step-wife:
There is a chance he could have a better (but less than you, of course) half. There is a reason couples fight about email and facebook passwords.  There are some guys, who do in fact go out with their buddies, remove the ring, and for one night play the field without – by physical definition – doing anything wrong.  Too cynical and definitely not your guy? Give him the ultimatum.  Tell him you will delete him off of BBM if he doesn’t invite you over to make you dinner.  This way you will either end up over at his apartment searching for remnants of a lady, or back to square one – where you met looking for the real prince charming, not just reading about him. 

Prince charming was once an ogre: 
Sometimes, you get the guy that feels a little inferior to the opposite sex because he’s had a bad run with the ladies.  Perhaps texting and messaging is a defense mechanism because he feels better on paper than he does in person. Does the virtual princes profile seem more like this self-deprecating type?  Go easy on him – but insist that you two hook up for an activity like a movie or a concert – something where you are both spectators taking a bit of the pressure off intimate chatting. 

The prince didn’t inherit his kingdom: 
This one is rare – but happens none-the-less. The reason for the excessive amount of virtual face time is a result of his work ethic.  He has time to email you randomly during the day, and send you messages in between filing briefs to ask how your night was and dazzle you with wish I were there – but at the end of the day – work is his first priority.  You, cyber Cinderella, are just a fun distraction he met at the bar.  If you are looking to be numero uno – not your fairy tale ending and not worth the effort.  

Whatever the scenario if he keeps this up – THE END.


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