Why it’s Still Okay to Say, ”I Do”

Maybe your parents didn’t stay together, or most of your friends are opting to skip the vows and sign an apartment lease instead, or maybe you’ve watched Celeste and Jesse Forever a few too many times. Whatever it is, it would seem that donning a white dress and getting confetti-bombed isn’t as full as promise as it used to be. Yes, divorce happens, and we live in an age where sex doesn’t necessarily have to wait until after you’ve walked down the aisle, and we all have the freedom to skip the ceremony, share some living space, and leave it at that—but what if that doesn't cut it for you? What if you want the ring, the sacred words, the whole shebang? What if you need to stand in a church, on a beach, in front of a priest or a justice of the peace, and actually marry the man you love? Well, that's okay too, and here's why:

It’s Symbolic
Many of us grew up with the idea of fairy tale love, and finding The One. While some completely disregard this idea and think the whole soul mate thing is a crock, there are also people who truly trust that there is in fact, someone completely perfect for them to spend the rest of their life with. The simple act of proclaiming your undying love, trust, and giving your hand in front of your friends and family, or just one other, and in essence saying, “I am forever yours and you are forever mine,” is one of the most romantic things you can do together.

It’s For You
If religion is big part of your life, then the act of marriage is pretty much a given, but you don’t have to be especially religious to want to be a bride. You could have just grown up believing in everything matrimony stands for, and hoping to find someone who shares your point of view. In any case, if getting married feels like something that needs to happen for you, then you need to listen to that.

It’s Tradition
Monogamy, the informal version of saying, “I Do,” where you commit to sticking it out with just one other person, has been estimated to have been around for thousands of years. It’s a legacy, in a way, to go out and find the one who makes you the happiest and strongest you can be, and decide to live out the rest of your days together, no matter what. Hey, even penguins do it.

It’s Your Choice
Divorce and infidelity are just two of the risks you take when you say those two little words. People may warn you that you’re too young, that you don’t know each other well enough or that you should learn from their mistakes. No matter what others tell you, in the end, it’s a decision that involves only two people. If getting married feels right, if you’ve realistically weighed the pros and cons, have assessed all of the risks, and still feel in your heart that taking the plunge is something you’re ready for and one hundred percent sure about, then that’s all that really matters.

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