What We Learned from Quin Woodward Pu’s Breakup Blog Post

You've probably read about Quinn Woodward Pu's "unceremonious dumping via text by a man she met twice" by now. When the 25 year old self-published author, blogger, and condo owner took to her blog last week to voice her disproval, the story went viral.

Her post, titled "I'm 26. What's a Filter?" recaps her perspective of the short lived tryst with the "rando she met in a bar," complete with screen shots of their text message breakup. After receiving the messages, she writes, "I realized: I am on the eve of my 26th birthday. Why am I stewing instead of just expressing what I really feel?" Hence, the lack of filter in her response, in which she reminds him she's published books, and owns a condo, and then threatened to forward his sexts to his boss.


Instead of support for her attempts to make a statement that "women should ‘never remain silent in the bombastic, outrageously chauvinistic face of an insecure man," the candid post was met with a negative backlash … but we're willing to wager Pu's not too broken up about it. 

In an interview with Huff Post Live, Pu states "I'm a writer. I love hyberbole, I love exaggeration, I like to be outrageous. That's how I got two books published about that kind of thing. I document my life." The comments, hits, and conversation is exactly what Phu wants – material for her next memoir. We're willing to wager it'll be even more entertaining than the first two. After all, that's what she's going for. 

She did want viewers to know, however, that the story got twisted – "inevitably, it got chopped down to two screen shots. Its fine, that's the internet. That's the beauty of it," she said. In case you're concerned, Pu had already told the guy she wasn't into him (we assume it wasn't via text), then he sent her those break up texts afterward – she "didn't randomly spaz on someone" – she set out to "have a little fun with it." 

For the record, she also didn't actually send the sexts to his boss. He's still gainfully employed, and she's still writing, blogging, and dating – and probably won't stop anytime soon. Not as long as her lack of filter results in a cool couple million blog hits. 


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