What We Can Learn From Celebrity Relationships

The world of celeb-dom is fraught with good gossip material “ who’s dating who, who’s avoiding who and what celeb fairytale marriage has finally kicked the bucket. Apart from good gossip fodder with girlfriends and semi decent reading material, there might be a few lessons to be learned from the world of celebrity relationships. Seriously.

Opposites can attract
Think Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette. You couldn’t find two people more opposite to each other, however, they made it work for eons according to Hollywood marriage life-spans. A remarkable feat. And how did they do it? Likely because of a deep respect and friendship that’s always been evident between the two. Despite a very public breakup, the two manage to stay each other’s best and biggest cheerleaders as they move on in life. The lesson? Maybe opposing personalities and interests can last when there’s a profound and unwavering respect for the other person. So, instead of looking at things that annoy us about a significant other, perhaps it makes more sense to focus on the things to love.

There is just simply no substitute for time. Sure, you occasionally hear of the couple that met, dated and wed in under 24 hours flat and grew old together in their respective rocking chairs on proverbial porch. However, those are few and far between. Nothing is better then taking your time to get to know each other, see one another in different circumstances and assess the staying power of the relationship from there.

Not everyone is The One
If visions of Julia Roberts circa mid 1990’s don’t float into your mind, then you’re one step ahead of most of us. Not everyone you date or end up in a relationship with, will be The One. Regardless of how much you wonder, day-dream or envision your blissful future together, it happens when it happens and in no thanks to any pushing, prodding or wondering. So, do yourself a favour a remove the pressure and enjoy the process.



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