What to Do When You’re Not His Type

Sometimes, ladies, we just have to face the facts – that we can flirt and smile and bat our eyelashes all we want, but the reality is that sometimes, no matter how perfect and pretty you are (and you totally are!) you might simply not be the girl that your perfect man is looking for.

So what is a girl to do when you realize that the handsome stud of a guy you’ve been drooling over (see: obsessing) for the last six months, who you totally thought was into you, really just…well, wasn’t?

Be honest with yourself

Lying to yourself has never gotten anyone anywhere, trust us. It’s better to just accept the plain hard facts and move on. Overthinking it and trying to convince yourself that “maybe, just maybe…” won’t work. Give up the dream, girl.

If you need to know, get in the know

Sometimes though, a girl just really needs to hear the cold, hard facts. If you know that you won’t ever be able to walk away without knowing the truth, then just (wo)man up and ask him flat out whether or not he’s into you.

Distract yourself

And no, we’re not talking about finding the next guy who makes eyes at you and hopping into bed with him. Distract yourself from thinking about Mr. Uninterested by hanging out with your girlfriends, taking up a yoga class, or teaching yourself to cook.

Don’t continue to stalk him

We all know what it feels like to accidently hit the silly little thumbs up icon or double-tap that stupid heart. Don’t continue to stalk him once you’ve decided to move on. It won’t end well.

Cry if you need to

Just because he was never yours to begin with doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt like hell to let him go. If you need to shed a couple tears and pound a couple pillows, you go right ahead and do that girl.

Don’t give up hope

You are a stellar, awesome, superstar of a woman and any dude would be lucky to have you. Just because you didn’t fit this guy’s ideal doesn’t mean that you aren’t the perfect girl for someone else. Don’t ever forget that.

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