Wedding Season Survival Guide

Kiss your summer vacation plans goodbye, because the next few months will be a flurry of RSVPs, gift registries, showers, receptions and love. It’s fun, exciting and easy to get utterly exhausted with it all, no matter how much you love the bride and groom. Here’s how to make sure you keep your game face on:

Just because you’re invited to everything doesn’t mean you have to attend. If you’re stressed financially, you can send your regrets and a nice gift in lieu of an expensive cross-country trip. Likewise for invites from long-lost friends or acquaintances whose invites are more of an inconvenience than an honour. There’s no need to take up space on someone’s big day if you’re only lukewarm about the event. Only be present for the events you can truly be present for, without financial or mental distractions. Hippie moment, sorry.

Stay Positive
Weddings are about love! You like love, don’t you? Okay, then stop judging their tablescapes and enjoy yourself.

Stay Sober
For so many reasons. First, because there are many photos being taken all around you, nearly all of which will be posted to Facebook by strangers who won’t be able to tag you as anything other than drunk girl. Second, because the next day is most likely a Sunday, and being hung over on a Sunday is the worst. Third, because you can sit back and watch the drunken antics unfold and be able to drive yourself home at the end of the night.

Loosen Up
Weddings bring together a lot of different worlds that the bride and groom have occupied. Varying groups of friends, family and co-workers are brought together for one night and one night only. In a group of strangers, it’s easy to feel awkward. Be the girl who breaks the ice and gets to know the other people seated at her table. Everyone likes that girl.

Dress Appropriately
Is your dress really just a long-ish shirt? Is your outfit see-through? Is there a chance of a nip slip? Is it white, cream or ivory? Okay, you’re not wearing that.

What are your wedding season survival tips?

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